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Noooooo not yet!!!!!! Neeeeej inte än!!!!!

Minus 0,5 C is 31,1 F. It's still September and that's a Fall month here. Or should be at least. I'm not ready for minus degrees yet. Some parts of Sweden up north already have minus degrees five days in a row and that means winter in meteorology terms. Brrrr! Minusgrader redan i september. Det… Continue reading Noooooo not yet!!!!!! Neeeeej inte än!!!!!

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They’re here

Bohemian waxwing. This means cold weather soon when this little creature with many friends lands in our area. I saw them first time today. Brrrrrrr! I'm not ready for cold weather yet. I want warm Fall to last longer. But our days gets shorter and temp is now under 10 C plus, so I guess… Continue reading They’re here

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You won't believe it. It was snowing here today. But the rain came and the snow never had the chance to paint the town in white. It's freezing cold still though. Not the kind of April weather I like. My brain has frozen. I have no idea what to write to you today. I hope… Continue reading Snow!

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Warm thoughts to ya all!

   Here's a warm nice fire place to you all if you need one. Here in Sweden we need to stay warm because of the coldness outside. In nothern parts they have about -38 C some days, where I live we are heading towards -18 C tomorrow. We started at +O C this morning, but… Continue reading Warm thoughts to ya all!

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-12 degree C/10,4 degree F

   Winter landscape in Trosa archipelago is beautiful in coldness, but I think it's far tooooo cold for me. At this temperatures many people starting to look for sea ice to skate on. No ice by my place to skate on yet though, and I would never dare to go out on sea ice. I've… Continue reading -12 degree C/10,4 degree F

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Snow has arrived in Trosa

This afternoon it happened!      

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The w-word has arrived 

Woke up this morning with -4,7 C outside. Beautiful frosty look on trees and roofs, but cold. I'm not ready for the w-word yet.  Anna    Snowflake:)