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From zero to hundred in one day

This morning my stat looked like this After two new posts and one day alomost finished it looks like this Thanks Leslie for reminding me of making this follow up post. So, with no activity from me I sometimes get zero views in my stats. When I start to actually blog again after a zero, the… Continue reading From zero to hundred in one day

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Follow me Följ mig :)

When I talked to a friend outside the blog world I realized that not everyone knows about the wp app. You can find it here: You don't have to start a blog for using the app. If you want to follow and read blogs, the app gives you a good platform to do that… Continue reading Follow me Följ mig 🙂

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This is what happens when I'm not spending enough time on wp Zero views, but still five likes. Wp stats are amazing unlogic! I hope to get more time here on wp with you all wp friends. I miss you when I'm not here. If you want to improve your blog stats, remember, it's all… Continue reading Zero

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Two days away from you

...and my stats look like this Need I explain how important it is to stay active here on wp if you want to se stats action? Or do you get it just by looking at my stats today? My best stats days says near 200 views and today I'm at 5! This is completely all… Continue reading Two days away from you

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Meet & Greet at 900!

I'm not making this up. We are actually over 900 followers on this blog now. Yes, I follow my own blog. I want to be like you, if you follow my blog, I want to follow it too 🙂 But we are over 900 without myself as a follower. This number 900 and more, I… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 900!

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How’s your day?

Evening time in Trosa couple of weeks ago    Morning time the other day, still January but no snow left, all is grey and dark and rainy    I want Spring with light mornings, birds singing and some warmness. NOW! How's your days over at your place?  Make a post and leave a link in… Continue reading How’s your day?

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Who are you people?

I ask that question everytime I read a post from your blogs. I really don't care who you are in the usual meaning, when we ask that kind of questions. You can be who ever you want to be, for all I care. I want to discover you through your words, through your pictures, through… Continue reading Who are you people?

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Poem about blogging! I liked it 🙂 Anna Comment   Writing thought’s moments in time within a blog drifting throughout a cyber world written blind.   Into placing those feedback moments questioning why?   There are those whom; have no comment placement?   I for one, desire a need for a change especially, when i… Continue reading Comment

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How come I don´t follow you?

If you have pressed follow button on my blog I think most of you expect a follow back. Usually I always follow back, when someone following my blog. But some of you don't have a follow button under your name that shows up in my notifications. When I click on your name I end up… Continue reading How come I don´t follow you?

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Changed my mind

I have a confession to make. Numbers have effect on me. I didn't thought they have, but they sure do. Every view or un-view, every like or no like, every comment or no comment counts. When I read OMs number and stats post I often think - am I the same or do I think… Continue reading Changed my mind

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I give up for now

Today I have really bad and slow connection. When I try visiting your blogs it takes hours to get there and when I try to leave comments they disappears. I will catch up reading your post when I have better connection. Love reading them and try as often I can to get time to read.… Continue reading I give up for now