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Do you remember how to play?

I have a favorite song that always cheers me up. It's about how we should remember how to play and not grow up too much.  If you watch the whole video that's from The polar music price concert you will see Mr Stevie Wonder in the audience and our Swedish Queen ans King. So… Continue reading Do you remember how to play?

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February 6 Sapmi national day

Today samis have national day. One of them is Sofia Jannok, a sami artist and actually also a painter. Just look at the paintings in this video Snölejoninna (snow lioness) This is another video with Sofia Jannok This is my land On you can see a concert Jielemen Aavoe - Jubileumsföreställning för… Continue reading February 6 Sapmi national day

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Trosa mill -Trosa kvarn

Part of the house is for art exhibitions and concerts. Upstreams. The mill is from 1600 century but since 1960's it's been a place to live and work for artists and since 1990's it's been a office building and part of it a restaurant and exhibition and concert place. I liket it best in the… Continue reading Trosa mill -Trosa kvarn

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Hole in your soul

An Abba favorite song of mine. For those of you who says Abba is only popsongs, listen to this song, this is more. I wish I had been at that concert listening to that song back then, but I was only 9 at that time so...

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Can you paint music?

I tried to paint music with my pastel crayons when I listened to a Swedish tv-concert with musicians in tribute to Bengt Hallberg a great Swedish musician, who recently past away. This is how it turned out 🙂 Anna    Music?

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A consert evening

A concert evening in my town back in the old days when the place were a party place, though not always a good party place. But in my painting the place is for peaceful music and joy. Imagination comes in handy when reality isn't enough. En kvällskonsert vid gamla Edanö festplats i Trosa. Så här… Continue reading A consert evening

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Bridge over (un)trubled water :)