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Will I make it?

Last years stats Stats this year so far The views number I think I will hit a new record this year, but the likes and the comments, nah that will be lower numbers this year. It's interesting to compare two years stats. Last year I reposted many posts and that collected many likes, but it… Continue reading Will I make it?


Amazing, just totally amazing!

We must be a small world. It feels like I have traveled all over the world just by blogging away in a way that we all do. I can sit in my little corner of the world and reach out so far. It's unbelievable but also truly amazing. We can interact with each other no… Continue reading Amazing, just totally amazing!

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Five years! How did that happen?

And how did these numbers happen? And this stats? But most of all, what amazes me the most, is this map And all the countries on the list that goes with the map A small blog in a corner of Sweden have visitors from so many different countries. I think that is amazing and I… Continue reading Five years! How did that happen?

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A perfect tv day :)

The 2017 year version of Vasaloppet is still ongoing, but the broadcast of the event has ended for the day. It's the only time of the year I get stuck in front of tv almost a whole day. Why? Because it's amazing to see all nice and friendly people that take part in the race… Continue reading A perfect tv day 🙂

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I like flag stats :)

Just look at the flags from all kinds of corner of the world. How it can be corners of a spherical world is beyond my understanding, but anyway.  I think it's amazing that we can exchange knowledge, experience and also have so much nice talks in one place like wp and still come from so… Continue reading I like flag stats 🙂

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Have I been visiting you?

To interact with blogger means travelling around the world. Can you believe my blog has visitors from 99 countries? It is actually true. In real life I can count my international experiences to a handful of countries, but in the blogworld I now can count to 99 countries. That's amazing! Just look at this stats… Continue reading Have I been visiting you?

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I'm waiting for lilacs and as you see in the picture I will have to wait for a long time! Our mornings shows minus C and not many plus C during the day. We have a very slow Spring this year. But it is fun watching the nature wake up even if it's a slow… Continue reading Waiting 

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Hey where’s my flag?

   I like watching the flag stats. This is for today so far and I'm amazed of all different flags. But my Swedish flag is not on the list. So I put it here 🇸🇪 instead 😀 Happy blogging! Do you check the flag stats? Anna

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Find the map in the stats

In my post Love maps I show a map over the countries blog visitors came from during 2015. From a comment to that post I realised there's not so easy to find this map. Now I can tell you where I find the map.     Scroll down and you find Countries section   This is the… Continue reading Find the map in the stats

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Where you from?

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall write in his posts about the flag stats fascination. You find the countries stats at your admin page. A map and a list with flags and countries. I agree, it's fascinating to see how visitors comes from all over the world to your blog. Maybe just for… Continue reading Where you from?