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More Gingerbread snaps

The last ones for this season. Next time will be in December. They taste good, if I may brag 😉 I like that so different animals can be together in one picture. Anna

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Sweden according to Jim

I asked Jim for drawing ideas and I got the answer: "draw your elk that you are so famous for mentioning. you have the wonderful Swedish countryside with trees and hills and farms and old buildings and horse and cows and sheeps and goats and stunning looking Swedish ladies." So here it is, Sweden according… Continue reading Sweden according to Jim

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Name the cow! Namnge kon!

One of my artist friends is a good cow painter. She gives her cows in the paintings names. I once tried to paint a cow. But I cheated and painted only a half cow face. My no.1 cow! What's the name do you think?  I don't have a clue 🙂 Please help me if you… Continue reading Name the cow! Namnge kon!