Stats highlight for Save Trosa nature

Thank you all for visiting and reading the latest Save Trosa nature post. The stats went boom the first day for that post. I hope that means a lot of those who read the post wants to save Trosa nature. Anna

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Icecream bar?

If you haven't found Blair Gaultons blog yet, hurry over and read his poems and absurd thoughts of the day. The absurd thoughts of the day makes images in my head every time I read them. I did a drawing of one of them. You can read the absurd thought of the day, that I… Continue reading Icecream bar?

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Good morning or good night?

   ...or maybe something else? Maybe this is not a sun? What do you see? Anna

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Baking day

I'm having a baking day. That's fun. What do you bake, when you bake? Anna