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No 17 drawing in my goals for 2017

One more drawing of about a hundred I plan to do. It's not finished yet, but I want to show you this drawing anyway. It's about how diving in the sea of space is not a mysterious journey. You can see the whole dive and that doesn't impress anyone in the spaceship. The handyman up… Continue reading No 17 drawing in my goals for 2017

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Up to surface

   This post by Stephellaneous caught my attention and reading time today. The Shrinkening Commences Please give her some oxygen. We can all help her on the way up to surface if she has enough oxygen in here diving tubes. Go visit her blog. She's an excellent writer 🙂 Her first therapist called us… Continue reading Up to surface

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Finally rain/Up to surface

Sometimes you find drawings, paintings or photos that catch the same feeling you find in your own art. Recently I found a rain-loving drawing here: Alive and Well That picture reminds me of my own rain-feeling in Finally rain. On another artblog I found a photo that catch the feeling in searching for light.… Continue reading Finally rain/Up to surface

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Upp till ytan/searching for light (julpris 1000 sek)

Somliga människor behöver mer än andra gå under ytan för att söka en trygg och lugn tillvaro efter en tid ovan ytan ute i ljuset i samspel med andra människor. Under ytan-tiden, innetiden, som den introverta sidan av oss gärna samlar kraft under, skiljer sig från över ytan-tiden, utetiden, som den mer extroverta sidan gillar… Continue reading Upp till ytan/searching for light (julpris 1000 sek)