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Gråbo – Mugwort

It may be a beautiful plant but for those with allergies it's not a nice plant. I don't usually react on the pollen from Gråbo/Mugwort, but this year for some unknown reason I do. It's like Springtime all over again for me. Hmfr.../:| But it probably get better soon. It isn't a cold and that's… Continue reading Gråbo – Mugwort

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Sundays – do you know the feeling?


Digital paintings, drawings, Nature miracles

It’s here again – The White Wagtail

Today I saw the first white wagtail this year. That's a big Spring sign. They always arrive early April and this year is no different. It feels good that some good things stays the same. I did a drawing of the white wagtail last year, so here it is again. I hope you all have… Continue reading It’s here again – The White Wagtail

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Winter moon

This early morning the moon was so bright. I could have tried to take a picture, but it was freezing cold outside (-8C) so I decided to do a quick drawing instead. It is drawn on ipad with sketchbookpro app. There's many drawing apps to ipad, you should try one or two. Many of them… Continue reading Winter moon

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#Inktober 2016 #inktober 8 Rock

I'm behind schedule but here's #8 prompt on #inktober 2016 Rock/Anna