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What happened? From 0 to 90

One day she was born. The next day she turned 90. What happened? Hey all wp friends! This is my first writing prompt. The sentences above popped up in my head. How can life go so fast? I feel like I was born yesterday and now over 46 years have past since then and I… Continue reading What happened? From 0 to 90

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#inktober 18 october 2015

Today I met my artist friends from Pink Bucket, our painter group, for the first session after Summer. We decided to draw or paint a sculpture hand and some glasses. Here's my drawing, that I did. It's only a two hour drawing, so it is what it is 🙂 It's also my first #inktober drawing.… Continue reading #inktober 18 october 2015

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Edwinlives4ever The Crow Reborn told me in a comment about Inktober. You can read more about Inktober here: I will try this if I somehow find the time. Drawings with ink is fun. Give it a try, all of you 🙂 Anna

Pastel paintings

City edge/Stadkant

  City edge in pastels on colored paper. I call the painting "stadkant" in swedish, which in english means selvedge. But in swedish it can also mean city edge. This painting is not so difficult to achieve. Find a colored paper, some pastel crayons, and start drawing squares in different colors. Then, you do the… Continue reading City edge/Stadkant

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Never ending blogger

What have I missed about blogging in this picture? Anna