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Pi nature

Pi nature, aquarelle pencils Nature is eternal - if we let nature be 🙂 Anna

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Konstens vecka 2021 – Art week 2021 – Trosa Sweden

I Trosa håller Trosabygdens konstförening i Konstens vecka 2021 genom en jurybedömd utställning på temat Frihet i Trosa kvarn 5-9 oktober, tisdag-fredag kl. 16-19, lördag 11-16. In Trosa, Trosabygden's art association holds Art Week 2021 through a jury-judged exhibition on the theme Freedom in Trosa mill 5-9 October, Tuesday-Friday at 16-19, Saturday 11-16. Jag har… Continue reading Konstens vecka 2021 – Art week 2021 – Trosa Sweden

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Sailboats – segelbåtar

What can I say - I like sailboats obviously I think when I go through my paintings through the years. Vad kan jag säga - jag gillar uppenbarligen segelbåtar tänker jag när jag ser gamla målningar och teckningar bakåt i tiden. Maybe it has to do wit my love for archipelago that began at the… Continue reading Sailboats – segelbåtar


Morning drawings – morgonteckningar October 4-5 2018

I tried a drawing with the view from a window early in the morning, but it was pitch dark outside except the streetlights.  Jag prövade att teckna utsikten från ett fönster tidigt på morgonen, men det gick knappt att se något på grund av mörkret som dolde allt utom det som gick att se i… Continue reading Morning drawings – morgonteckningar October 4-5 2018

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Herregud & co (Deargod & co)

This is a little book that lighten up my day everyday. My family got it as a present and this present last everyday as long as we live.  Everyday it's new wise or funny words worth thinking of. Most days it's Swedish text, but some days are in English. This one is a Dalai Lama… Continue reading Herregud & co (Deargod & co)

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Narc radar part 2

It's not always easy to spot the narcissistic persons, but there are clues to learn. If you have met narcissistic persons you will know what I'm talking about. If you have learn to recognise them check out this Their feet always points in a direction away from you. If they cannot find any use for… Continue reading Narc radar part 2

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To many lines För många streck

For every day that I don't have time for doing a drawing or paint a picture I draw one line on a white piece of paper. I started in the beginning of the year. För varje dag jag inte hinner rita eller måla något drar jag ett streck på ett papper. Jag började i januari… Continue reading To many lines För många streck

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I can’t draw a straight line

When I say I can draw I often hear the comment Well I can't even draw a straight line. Who said the lines have to be straight? Who decides if we can draw or not? No one! I come up with a little idea this year. For every day I do not find time to… Continue reading I can’t draw a straight line

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No 13 drawing in my goals for 2016

Another drawing almost finished. It's about how space can be an enormous glass bowl held in Gods hands and spaceships without manoeuvre ability will be like a air bubble in that glass. A bubble in a glass that stands still for a very long time travels very slow. In thousand year the bubble have moved,… Continue reading No 13 drawing in my goals for 2016

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Walk away

Over at Aspiblog I learned that is it anti-bullying week. I remembered a drawing of mine when I read that. Remember your shadow are bigger than you if you are a bully and if you're the bullied your shadow are smaller than you are and the bully always bully your shadow, not you. Simply because… Continue reading Walk away

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No 12 drawing in my goals for 2016

In a 103 drawings long serie I'm at no 12 now. I relly enjoy this drawing journey but it will take time to reach 103 drawings, so the 2016 goal will be a 2017 goal too. This picture is about a dancehall in a spaceship that left earth because the earth is no longer possible… Continue reading No 12 drawing in my goals for 2016

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No 11 drawing in my goals for 2016

One person tells about a spaceship accident from historical time. Even if our ship is lost in space it could be worse. We could have ended up like they did, but we are still alive. Think about that, he says. Anna

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No 10 drawing in my goals for 2016

Andys post about and ancient sculpture and his challenge to me to post a drawing on the same theme made me dare do this post. This is no. 10 drawing out of about a hundred drawings I plan to make. The inspiration come from a space epos, a poetic masterpiece. It's about humans that were… Continue reading No 10 drawing in my goals for 2016

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#inktober 2016 #10 Jump!

When you say the word Jump to a person borned 1970 they will think of this monster hit from 1984. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYN7mTi6HM At least I am like that 🙂 What comes to your mind at the word Jump? Anna

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They’re here

Bohemian waxwing. This means cold weather soon when this little creature with many friends lands in our area. I saw them first time today. Brrrrrrr! I'm not ready for cold weather yet. I want warm Fall to last longer. But our days gets shorter and temp is now under 10 C plus, so I guess… Continue reading They’re here