Time hunting

Tidstjuvar/Time Thieves

Old post in rerun. Gammal post i repris. Do you think you will live forever? Do you think you will keep you healthy forever? Do you think that all your loved ones too should do it? If you believe it, Do You postponing what you are supposed to do until tomorrow? Can you be waiting… Continue reading Tidstjuvar/Time Thieves


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar November 22-23 2018

I had a dream about climbing up on three roots and when I got up I was home 🙂 Jag klättrade upp längs trädrötter och när jag kom upp hade jag kommit hem 🙂 Drömmar är lustiga. Riktigt bra äppelsäsong i år. Vi fick massor av Ingrid Marie på vårt träd. Nu har jag äpplen… Continue reading Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar November 22-23 2018

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No 21 drawing in my goals for 2017

With inspiration from a classic Swedish space poem. When the anxiety and doubt hit the passengers on the spacehip that lost track and never will return the get open cans of life and memories from where they come from before entering the spaceship. They entered the spacehip because life on planet earth was no longer… Continue reading No 21 drawing in my goals for 2017

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Sleepwalking in a hammock

A conversation with Andy from City Jack daw come to be about sleepwalking. He said something about difficulties to sleepwalk in a hammock. Those words immediately made a picture in my weird head.   It can't be easy to rise up and sleep walk in a hammock. Have you tried? Have a great day all… Continue reading Sleepwalking in a hammock

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No 18 drawing in my goals for 2017

I did one more drawing. One of the spaceship passengers tells us about how they seek savoury by escaping to their dreams. They stand with one leg in an ocean of feelings and the other one in total lack of feelings. They asked themselves but forgot to answer, they dreamed of a life but forgot… Continue reading No 18 drawing in my goals for 2017

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No 8 drawing in my goals for 2016

One more drawing in my ongoing project. It's about people who lost contact with mother earth floating around in space with no possibility to return. They open the box of samples from other worlds and dream they could reach home again. The dreams and memories build a ladder. Anna

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What’s behind this?

If you open this door, what do you find behind the door? Anna

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No 6 drawing in my goals for 2016

You can see previous drawings here: https://fargaregardsanna.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/goals-for-2016/ https://fargaregardsanna.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/goals-for-2016-part-2/ https://fargaregardsanna.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/no-5-drawing-in-my-goal-for-2016/ This is a exciting drawing project I have given myself. I will tell you more when I get further with more finished drawings. It's a slow process though. Anna

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10 Lies You Tell Yourself That Keep You From Your Goals

This is a brilliant post I think. Thanks Danny for the list. I followed that list for nearly 40 years before I realized I didn't have to do that. Please visit original post for comment. I took the liberty to put one of my paintings as feature image to this reblogged post/Anna

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Are you for real?

Léa over at https://foundinfrance.wordpress.com/ said in a comment that her head is a scary place. My head is a scary place too. I had the most terrible dream the other night. You were not for real! All of you turned out to be just images, icons, stickers, cartoon figures. Not real persons. Someone had tricked me… Continue reading Are you for real?