Morning drawing- Morgonteckning August 13 2018

This morning I got up early, very early, so it was almost pitch dark outside. I stayed indoors and did a drawing looking out of a window.  Denna morgon skulle jag upp tidigt, mycket tidigt. Mörkt ute, så jag stannade inomhus och ritade ett motiv när jag tittade ut genom ett fönster.  This is what… Continue reading Morning drawing- Morgonteckning August 13 2018

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Trosa 8:30 pm May 2016

Goodnight! Have to get up early tomorrow. The sky's gonna look almost the same at 5 am something tomorrow. We don't have many dark hours at this time of the year. I like it, but it's difficult to go to sleep when it looks like daytime outside. Anna