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Easter’s over and no eggs left

About a week ago I found this And this Those findings made me worried about the eggs not yet eaten. I found this yesterday  All eggs gone. Sad, but someone had a good dinner obviously. Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Påskafton – Holy Saturday

Early morning in Trosa Sweden, April 15, MINUS 8 C! Brrrrr Early evening same day Much better I think. The white filter on the camera is gone and temps are up to PLUS 5 C. What does your days look like? Post some pictures at your blog and leave a link in the comments if… Continue reading Påskafton – Holy Saturday

Challenges, What ever

Easter prep

I got a birthday card and some yarn with the intention I should do a big version of the small stitched figure on the card. It's suppose to be a nice easter pillow. I come pretty far in a few days, so this is half way. I now have to figure out background colors.  I… Continue reading Easter prep

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Spring dreams

   Spring dreams 🙂 These don't show up until April here, but I hope January and February moves fast. Then we're almost there. Soooon! Anna