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We need more Yodas in the world… I crochet one I used one of Mia Bengtsons pattern from her first book and changed the colors and added the Yoda things. Anna This is a repost from 2017

paint on rocks

Stoneface – stenansikte

It's fun painting on rocks.  Det är kul att måla på sten. Everyone can do it. Just find rocks and let your fantasy flow. Alla kan måla på sten. Leta rätt på stenar och låt fantasin flöda. Anna

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Not just a piece of wood part 3

Part one One layer of green Another layer of green Then some other colors And even more Experimental stage I have not finished this work, so I will be back when I'm happy woth the finish result. Who would thought that a piece of wood was hiding this master? May the force be with you… Continue reading Not just a piece of wood part 3

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Night shifts

   Are you working night shifts? Do you like it? I work night shifts right now. When I'm at sleep! It's frustrating but also efficient. When I go to bed I have no trouble going to sleep, but in the middle of the night my work shift start. Says my brain. The brain is full… Continue reading Night shifts

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What do we see?

I read a post over at Emmas blog about how we constantly get tricked by our own prejudices and so many examples prove our wrongness. Beautiful and Inspiring Her post reminded me of a Swedish singer, Annika Norlin and her English lyrics music project Hello Saferide. She have a song where she tells us… Continue reading What do we see?

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Glass vases and a face

Do you se a face in this drawing?    Anna

paint on rocks, What ever

See you ;)

    I found stones that looked like eyes, nose and mouth and I simply painted them. Paint on rocks is fun. You should try it! Jag hittade stenar som jag kunde måla ögon, näsa och mun på. Måla på sten rekommenderar jag er att pröva.  Anna