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Found a pastel painting from last pumpkin season. What is pumpkin to you? For me it's Fall time, beautiful colors and amazing that nature can create pumpkins. Anna

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They’re here

Bohemian waxwing. This means cold weather soon when this little creature with many friends lands in our area. I saw them first time today. Brrrrrrr! I'm not ready for cold weather yet. I want warm Fall to last longer. But our days gets shorter and temp is now under 10 C plus, so I guess… Continue reading They’re here

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Morning sky

Nature beauty capture with an old but full working phone camera. I like quiet mornings 🙂 Anna

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Naked lady Tidlösa

Autumn in Trosa. Then the naked lady or autumn crocus appears in the garden. It's a beautiful little flower I think. In Swedish we call it Timeless. I don't know why, but it's a lovely name. But naked lady is maybe a more exciting name? We have that name for the flower in Swedish too,… Continue reading Naked lady Tidlösa

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Swedish Fall nature

Swedish Fall nature is a colorful show. Just look at this. Calluna, Scots pine, Quercus robor (oak), Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan), Juniperus communis I like Fall, but I don't like that Summer is almost over. It's getting darker in the mornings and evenings here again. I like sunny mornings and evenings better that dark ones :)… Continue reading Swedish Fall nature

Nature miracles, Photographs

Dragon fly Trollslända

Look what my camera captured the other day 🙂 I think it looks like a fairy tale animal. Anna

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Sailboat and shark

   Autumn is sometimes about boat hauling . Slightly melancholic but when autumn storms come it's nice to have the boats on land. Sailboats sometimes miss their mast. Then, they look like this. Beside a swimming shark having keel in reverse 🙂 Anna