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Can You Love, But Not Like?

I haven’t thought of it that way, but I think Ritu is right. Love never ends but likes comes and goes/Anna

But I Smile Anyway...


Have you ever felt that way?

You love a person with all your heart, but you don’t like them?

It doesn’t have to be thinking of just romantic love, it can be a sensation that is felt across the board.

You know, when you love your parents, but when they deny you the pleasure of going out somewhere, or buying you some much coveted trainers, when you where younger, you soooo don’t like them!  It’s teen angst, we are all allowed that feeling!

Or your siblings.  God knows I love my brother, but there were times as youngsters, when I really didn’t like him, and I am pretty sure he didn’t like me! Those times when he got what I wanted, or got me into trouble with the parents for something, then sat there sniggering…. Ooooh I really didn’t like him then!  That is a siblings prerogative, though, and more…

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20 december

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Happy reading/Anna

Du finns - en decembersaga i kalenderform

Lucia berömmer mammas frukost. Så god frukost får hon inte vid gömstället. Nu sitter Roffe där i stället. Mamma lovar att inte avslöja något för Helena och Mattias. Lucia ska bo hos oss en tid.

Lucia och jag funderar på hur vi ska få Mattias att förstå att Roffe behöver hjälp att komma hem samtidigt som Lucia också får komma hem för gott.

Vi tänker under hela skolvägen, men kommer inte på en enda bra idé. Vi går förbi Albertinas hus. Hon ropar från fönstret att vi kan komma till henne efter skolan. Hon behöver vår hjälp, säger hon. Vi lovar att skynda oss dit.

I skolan får Lucia nya vänner, men på rasterna tyr hon sig fortfarande mest till mig. Vi har ju fortfarande problem att lösa och behöver därför prata med varandra för att komma på några bra lösningar.

På dagens sista rast kommer vi äntligen på en…

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Holding hands/Hålla handen

Everyone have the right to feel as safe as a kid holding the loving and protecting parents hands. Not just children but adults as well. What if we all could feel totally safe. Totally trusting our family, friends, neighbours and strangers. I think we all somehow search for that total trust, that no one can… Continue reading Holding hands/Hålla handen

Pastel paintings

Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!

Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day! A day for all of us to show all kinds of love. To our beloved families, friends, our future friends and maybe if we want to reach worldpeace - our unfriends 😉 Let Valentines day be a peaceful day. After all, we humans are built by… Continue reading Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!