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Wild boar kids

Yesterday and today I saw wild boar kids out on a field on their own without their mother. They were so cute. One of them was different looking, but as cute as the rest. Here's my take on them as a drawing. I worked on my Spring exhibition painting the whole day today and almost… Continue reading Wild boar kids

Pastel paintings

Waterfall or field or what?

I painted this painting with waterfall in mind. Imagine how a waterfall looks like before the water turns down the slope. But the buyer to the painting exclaimed, no, but that's my field outside the house. Can you see anything more than a waterfall and a field in the picture? Jag målade denna tavla med… Continue reading Waterfall or field or what?

Pastel paintings, What ever

You are my rock

With oil pastels this picture is possible to make. Lots of colourful fields make a rock with some water below as a mirror. You can turn the picture around if you like and get another point of view. The painting is on red paper. That gives an effect together with the pastel colour. If you… Continue reading You are my rock