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Strandskata Oyster catcher

Today I saw this two lovely birds searching for something to eat. They seemed to find a lot to eat. They were around all day. Anna

BlackandWhite family

Vem äter vem?/Who’s gonna eat who for dinner?

Totem pole with the food chain as a theme. Tailed eagle takes the fish, which made a smaller fish, from below the bird, who also want fish and mink can imagine both poultry and fish, as dinner 🙂 Totempåle med näringskedjan som tema. Havsörnen tar fisken, som tagit en mindre fisk, under ifrån kommer fågeln,… Continue reading Vem äter vem?/Who’s gonna eat who for dinner?

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Trosa fishing competition May 2016

Today when I walked to the opening of the Spring exhibition I saw the ongoing Trosa fishing competition that is held in the beginning of May every year. They competitors line up along the Trosa river or maybe I should call it Trosa creek. Both kids and grown ups can participate.  This year it was… Continue reading Trosa fishing competition May 2016

Nature miracles, Photographs, Trosa is the place, What ever

Not even the dead fish follow the stream! Found this little dead fellow outside my house this afternoon when I came home. It's not a fly fish, and it doesn't have legs. In Swedish legs and bones are the same word, so in Swedish I can write the fish doesn't have legs, so he must have come to my porch with… Continue reading Not even the dead fish follow the stream!

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In my country Sweden, we have several endangered species. In this painting I let a lighthouse, that also is endangered, put some light over a bird and a fish that belongs to protected species. With pastels on colored paper I get an extra color effect. Den här målningen belyser några av våra hotade arter inklusive… Continue reading Endangered/Utrotningshotade

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Happy birthday again!

Another birthday card. A fifty years young karateka, who paints Japanese pines and Swedish fish and is part of the artist group Pink bucket. Ett annat födelsedagskort. En femtio år ung karateutövare, som målar japanska tallar och svenska fiskar och ingår i konstnärsgruppen Rosa hinken. Anna   

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Another orchestra also playing

The seagulls orchestra is playing all day and all night this time of the year right in the middle of my little town. But you just have to forgive them. Soon their kids are born and they're so cute. Just look at them! Anna