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Spring dreams

I hope Spring will come soon Anna

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Yellow Fall

Maybe this is the last findings of yellow Fall this year. We will enter a new season soon, but it feels so good to have some Fall signs left. Have a great Sunday! Anna 

Nature miracles, Photographs


Beautiful but kind of stupid flower. The bloom grows so big that it break down and... fall to the ground. But maybe that's the whole idea. Maybe it is that way it plans for future generations? Anna

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Den blomstertid nu kommer – Flower time

Around this time in Sweden blooms in every corner of nature. It's is stunning beauty everywhere. A Swedish old hymn describe this time very well. So well that the hymn is a standard hymn in every graduation.  My favourite version of the hymn is a soul/funk/blues version from the 80's with Lill Lindfors and Nils Landgren.… Continue reading Den blomstertid nu kommer – Flower time

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Fun with pine cones

If you have a few of these You can do this And believe it or not, but they actually work just as real flowers They shut down if it's cold and rainy. When the sun comes back they open up again Anna


Flower unknown name

I was supposed to make a small tulip painting, but I don't think it looks like a tulip so this is an unknown flower with no name. I'm not great in painting things out of memory. I just remembered the red color and the green leaves. I have to practice more, I realise that. Anna

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Soon tuliptime :)

They are almost wide awake, our tulips. After a period of back to winter temps the sun shined today and gave some warmth back to us. I wait for tulips to bloom, then it's Spring for real here! Spring flowers are so lovely 🙂 My take on tulips (monotypi-teknik) Anna

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I promised Jim that I will try send some Spring over to his winter wonderland. So I try with a paiting of coltsfoot, our very first Spring flower. Not here yet, but soon I hope.  Anna

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Nature beauty! Anna

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Sunday May 29 Mothers Day in Sweden

Hey, all of you who know mothers. Celebrate them on the Swedish Mothers Day May 29. They are worth celebrating, because they gave us all life. Never mind what they did after that. Just celebrate them for that. Giving you life. After that almost anyone else can keep you alive, raise you and give you… Continue reading Sunday May 29 Mothers Day in Sweden

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Spring in Trosa archipelago 


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   I'm waiting for this little flower to show up in nature. It's the first flower showing up in Spring. Coltsfoots often grows in ditches at the roadside. They are yellow as the sun in childrens paintings and they look lovely. They also tell Spring is finally here! I haven't seen them yet, but I… Continue reading Waiting

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Spring dreams

   Spring dreams 🙂 These don't show up until April here, but I hope January and February moves fast. Then we're almost there. Soooon! Anna

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Gult är fult?/yellow ugliness?

In Swedish "ugly" rhymes on "yellow". It's not at all the same in English. But we say "yellow is ugly" in Swedish, as a phrase. I don't know where we got the idea from. Yellow is a beautiful color. Here's a poor yellow flower we often say we dislike, but I think it deserves to… Continue reading Gult är fult?/yellow ugliness?

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What are you staring at?

What if flowers could talk. Maybe they do, just not in our human languages. What if they both think and talk. What do they say about us humans staring at them? Anna    Tulip from our garden 🙂