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Who are you people?

I ask that question everytime I read a post from your blogs. I really don't care who you are in the usual meaning, when we ask that kind of questions. You can be who ever you want to be, for all I care. I want to discover you through your words, through your pictures, through… Continue reading Who are you people?

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Never ending blogger

What have I missed about blogging in this picture? Anna

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I was looking in my followers list. I thought I have followed most of you back. But the list showed over fifty blogs that I didn't follow back. I had my suspicions about that I lost some following back in my blogs I follow cleaning, but I thought I had refollow most of you. But… Continue reading Weird

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Speechless but not drawless :)

Sometimes I go speechless when I read something. Like this post, click on the link and read. I didn't know what to say, so I drew a picture of this Superwoman and her Superfamily 🙂 All the best/Anna My Love… | amusingmyselfmusings

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How do I find you?

How come I ended up as a follwer of your blogs?   1. You found my blog and liked one post or two. When you like one of my posts and push like button I get a message about that in my wp app. In the notice department it is very easy to push follow… Continue reading How do I find you?

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Not that I’m counting but…

We're now 299 following this blog. Who will be the 300 follower? You are all welcome as followers to this blog. All are alike no matter what number you have in the following list. I appreciate your thoughts in the comments a lot. Gives me ideas and inspiration to keep on painting and writing. Have… Continue reading Not that I’m counting but…

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Maybe the number 100 don't mean a thing, but today this blog reached 100 followers. That also means that I myself follows at least that many blogs because I try to follow the followers :)I've learned a lot from all your blogs, comments and likes. Thank you for being out there!Anna