Be careful of your true friends. They are never easy to replace. Anna

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We did it :)

The new view record That's thanks to all of you who have visit the blog lately. It's also because I got some help from friends that shared some posts on fb. I normally have zero from fb. I'm not on fb myself so that means very little sharing through that channel. The number of views… Continue reading We did it 🙂

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Fläderblommor Elder flowers

Jag fick nyplockade fläderblommor av en bekant nyligen. Utmaningen var att göra flädersaft. Mitt första försök. Resultatet förvånade mig. Saften smakar utmärkt. Så nu vet jag att jag kan göra flädersaft om jag får fatt på fläderblommor 🙂 I recently got some elder flowers from a friend with the challenge - make some juice. I… Continue reading Fläderblommor Elder flowers

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End of vacation time

I checked my bucket list and look! I've done all things on the list 🙂 But I still want more kayaking time, art time and hang out with friends time. Swedish summer is short, but we have beautiful Fall months in August and September so I still have time to get the more-wishes done. I… Continue reading End of vacation time

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Face your painting skills

Stop saying you can't paint or draw. Find some known or unknown friends and get together in a painters group. Never mind if you have not painted before. Just get yourselves some painting or drawing materials. Then you set up a drawing or painting session and start painting. If you don't know what to draw… Continue reading Face your painting skills

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Is 1000 much?

I think so. Just look at this milestone I got from wp recently. But it's not my doing, it's your doing. Well it's a little my doing too. We all did this together. Me by creating blog posts and trying to find time to read, like and comment on your blogs snd answering the comments… Continue reading Is 1000 much?

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Valentine’s Day Swedish love songs 1

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Here's a great Swedish love song about how it feels to finally meet the right one, but I think that lyric also tells how it feels to meet a friend for your life, maybe when you first see your kids or a pet or something or someone else that… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Swedish love songs 1

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Can You Love, But Not Like?

I haven’t thought of it that way, but I think Ritu is right. Love never ends but likes comes and goes/Anna

But I Smile Anyway...


Have you ever felt that way?

You love a person with all your heart, but you don’t like them?

It doesn’t have to be thinking of just romantic love, it can be a sensation that is felt across the board.

You know, when you love your parents, but when they deny you the pleasure of going out somewhere, or buying you some much coveted trainers, when you where younger, you soooo don’t like them!  It’s teen angst, we are all allowed that feeling!

Or your siblings.  God knows I love my brother, but there were times as youngsters, when I really didn’t like him, and I am pretty sure he didn’t like me! Those times when he got what I wanted, or got me into trouble with the parents for something, then sat there sniggering…. Ooooh I really didn’t like him then!  That is a siblings prerogative, though, and more…

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Something borrowed, last part

Finally, I've borrowed this motive from a friend. You might find the original painting at He call the painting "Vackra Vera" (beautiful Vera).  And so to the connection between all borrowed paintings; a pink bucket.  Why a pink bucket? Because my painter friends and I have a "band" called Pink bucket (Rosa Hinken).  These… Continue reading Something borrowed, last part

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Something borrowed, part 5

Again, a picture I interpret in my own way. Another painter friends painting motive that I've borrowed. A sharp eyed person can see a link between all borrowed motives this far in the posts "something borrowed..." I let you know the answer in next post, that's the last in the theme Something borrowed. Näst sista… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 5

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Something borrowed, part 4

Another painting where I borrowed the motive from a painter friend. It is really fun to interpreting other paintings in my own way. You should try it! Let me know if you do that and wanna share the result with the readers. Ännu en målning där jag tolkat motivet från en målarkompis tavla. Pröva själv… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 4

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Something borrowed, part 3

Make a "cover" of a friends painting or any painting. You can read more about it in the post Something borrowed, part 1. I did a remake of a painting where the painter only used four colors and still got this type of colors. She had white, yellow, blue and red if I remeber it… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 3

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Something borrowed, part 2

In previous post I told you about how to paint a "cover" on someone elses painting. Here's another borrowed motive from a painter friend of mine. I förra inlägget berättade jag om hur man kan göra en "cover" på andras målningar som en minnesövning eller som bot på idetorka till exempel. Här kan ni se… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 2

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Something borrowed, part 1

It started as a thought, that turned into a test-painting, then it escalated in several paintings. I did a "cover" on a painting a friend of mine did and discovered how fun it was to interpret other painters paintings in my own way. Not to copy them, just lend the motive and the paint it in… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 1

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Holding hands/Hålla handen

Everyone have the right to feel as safe as a kid holding the loving and protecting parents hands. Not just children but adults as well. What if we all could feel totally safe. Totally trusting our family, friends, neighbours and strangers. I think we all somehow search for that total trust, that no one can… Continue reading Holding hands/Hålla handen