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Easter Island then – now Planet Earth/Påskön då – hela vår planet nu

There's still time for a different development. We still can make a brighter future. Vi har fortfarande tid att ställa om och skapa en ljusare framtid. Don't you think? Vad tror du? Anna


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar February 6 2019

What does future key hold for us? Vad erbjuder framtidens nyckel till oss? Anna

Challenges, Digital paintings, drawings

When will we ever learn?

Can we stop this dystopian future... stop letting the stoneheaded people rule our world? We need to be planet attendants and stop listening to people that only seek forever world power I think. How do we do that? Anna I'll be back with a local version of this drawing in another post.

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V.i.p. Visit Sweden

Yesterday the Pope himself visited our little country Sweden. I watch the ceremony in Lunds church on tv a little bit. I thought it was nice and I like the idea of peacemaking among the religious people from all over the world. They said we should focus on our similarities instead of pointing out our… Continue reading V.i.p. Visit Sweden

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No 6 drawing in my goals for 2016

You can see previous drawings here: This is a exciting drawing project I have given myself. I will tell you more when I get further with more finished drawings. It's a slow process though. Anna