Soon tulip season in the garden


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Tidlösa – Naked lady

One more beautiful thing about Fall. Tidlösan dyker upp ur jorden. The Naked lady shows up in the garden. In Swedish we call the flower without leaves Timeless, but I think the english name Naked lady says more about the flower without leaves. The leaves on the pictures don't belong to the naked lady. The… Continue reading Tidlösa – Naked lady

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Carrot woman

It's fun to find vegetables in the garden sometimes 😉 Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs


Beautiful but kind of stupid flower. The bloom grows so big that it break down and... fall to the ground. But maybe that's the whole idea. Maybe it is that way it plans for future generations? Anna

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The tale post are out there again

Sharing is caring and this time Jim from random writings on the bathroom wall shared one of my posts about the tale of an unnecessary road. Thanks Jim! And if you haven't visited or not already follow Jims blog. Stop by and say Hi to Jim and you will have a nice chat ahead :)… Continue reading The tale post are out there again

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Naked lady Tidlösa

Autumn in Trosa. Then the naked lady or autumn crocus appears in the garden. It's a beautiful little flower I think. In Swedish we call it Timeless. I don't know why, but it's a lovely name. But naked lady is maybe a more exciting name? We have that name for the flower in Swedish too,… Continue reading Naked lady Tidlösa

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Leopard slug Leopardsnigel

Look what I found in my garden one morning 🙂 It's a Leopard slug. Ugh....slugs, you may think, but these slugs we should like. They win over the Spanish slug. In Sweden Spanish slugs eat entire gardens, or at least it feels like that when we see them invade 🙂 Leopardsnigeln äter mördarsniglar So when… Continue reading Leopard slug Leopardsnigel

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Nature beauty! Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

What’s going on in the garden?

Garden visitors. Not a favourite animal, but I thought this was a nice photo op anyway 🙂 We call these little fellows Murder slugs. Every one is angry at them. But who can blame them, they just slugs doing what slugs should do. Eat gardens! Spanish slug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anna

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Does flowers makes you happy?

It's amazing how nature can make you happy only by being there in front of your very eyes. This red flowers got my attention the other day. They really made me smile and feel joy and gratitude. After a winter and a cold Spring theese red beauties show up in garden and they don't run… Continue reading Does flowers makes you happy?

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What have I done to deserve this? Meet&greetpost

You may not believe it. But now we are over 700 following this blog! Amazing. I just write and show my art and visit your blogs, like and comment posts and liking comments. That's all there is. I'm not on social media. Just WP. Still over 700 found my blog. You are all very welcome.… Continue reading What have I done to deserve this? Meet&greetpost

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Garden friends

These little creatures are living in my garden. I think they are beautiful 🙂 Anna  Limax maximus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Deilephila elpenor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

What are you staring at?

What if flowers could talk. Maybe they do, just not in our human languages. What if they both think and talk. What do they say about us humans staring at them? Anna    Tulip from our garden 🙂

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Perfect match?

daffodils and drops of water and sun påskliljor, vattendroppar och sol          Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Me – ants: 2-1

Strawberry match in the garden. I got two and the ants got one.  We'll see how it goes with the rest when they turn red. Anna     2 to me...   1 to ants