Green beautys – Gröna skönheter

Green Hairstreak – Grönsnabbvinge

Grönsnabbvinge Green Hairstreak

and a little bigger green creature, green woodpecker, gröngöling

Green Woodpecker – Gröngöling (rödlistad-red listed)



A wonderful butterflies day 

Tiny little flying creatures can make my day over and over again. I’m talking about butterflies. Today I saw all these butterflies and also several of them. 

I live in paradise on earth and try the best I can to make our so called nature protection authorities to realize that. They don’t listen at all sadly enough, but I hope they someday will open their eyes and live up to the nature protection responsibility they actually have.

Until then I give thanks for everyday I still can experience this nature magic and still have hope for a better future for nature than the future the today nonprotection  authorities have in mind.

We need nature and nature is our soul healing. How can we even think something else than saving and protecting our nature?

This is quick sketches of today’s butterflies.

When you discover the butterflies universe you will never go back not notice all the butterflies. Just open your eyes wherever there’s some nature around. You will find butterflies 🙂