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Take your time

Quick drawing. Have fun! What do you think about time? Anna   

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Paint on rocks and give them to friends

   I say it again, paint on rocks is fun. This rock I gave to friends last Christmas. I painted their house in winter landscape. They appreciated the gift. No one else had painted their house on a stone before. Anna         

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Can you hear the sound of "Pling" when your ipad,cellphone or computer call for your attention? Can you hear what your device want to tell you with that "pling"? Do you jump up and down when you hear the "pling"? Or do you sigh over the "plings" everytime they disturb you? I think the "plings"… Continue reading Pling!

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Who can not be happy over balloons? Vem kan inte känna glädje över ballonger? Anna

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Does flowers makes you happy?

It's amazing how nature can make you happy only by being there in front of your very eyes. This red flowers got my attention the other day. They really made me smile and feel joy and gratitude. After a winter and a cold Spring theese red beauties show up in garden and they don't run… Continue reading Does flowers makes you happy?