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Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

At you can take a look at guest sailboats at Trosa Harbor all summer. It's so fun watching the boat pictures and read about them. The blog is in Swedish but maybe you can translate if you want to read the text. The pictures says much without words so maybe you enjoy the boat… Continue reading Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

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Trosa harbor in February 

   Welcome to Trosa harbor everyone:) There's not much human activity here this time of year, but it is beautiful with nature presence.       About 4 o'clock in the afternoon. In summer months there's no such darkness almost in any time of the day.    This is the entry of Trosa from seaside.   … Continue reading Trosa harbor in February 

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Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

This is how Trosa harbor looks like when the rescue boats are not out on rescue missions. I painted this a couple of years ago and gave it to Trosa Swedish Rescue Societys to show appreciation for their volunteers work. You can read more here: In English | Sjöräddningssällskapet " We save lives at sea… Continue reading Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

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Trosa hamn/Trosa harbor in February

Trosa hamn en februarikväll, med vår i luften och is och snö kvar på marken. Solens sena strålar hjälper vattentornet långt uppe på berget nå ända ner till gästhamnens vattenspegel. Alldeles underbar stillhet och tystnad. Må alla som besöker och bor i Trosa för alltid kunna uppleva detta naturens under mitt i staden en helt… Continue reading Trosa hamn/Trosa harbor in February