How on earth did this happen?

Stats are a fun thing. If you blog for increasing stats you might find this interesting. If you blog for fun and meet new nice wp friends then this won't interest you a bit. When you begin  your blog journey the stats are interesting. How many read your blog? From how many countries? What do… Continue reading How on earth did this happen?

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Start a painters group

Find some friends, never mind if they say they can or can't paint. Get together once a week or whatever you like. Put up some things you can draw or paint. Then check the artwork that you and your friends make during the session. It's fun.  I did this drawing    Out of this   … Continue reading Start a painters group

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Reach over 600 followers without social media

I started this artblog as a showroom for my artwork. At first I thought the blog could reach my local "artfans" only, and I was satisfied by that. But then I noticed that others outside my little local area visited my blog and liked my artwork. I got a little more "greedy" for visitors and… Continue reading Reach over 600 followers without social media