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Empty words

How often do you hear empty words? How often do you use them yourself? What do you do when you hear them? Why do you use them? Are they good or bad, the empty words? What are empty words? Have I succeeded with the empy words drawing?  I didn't know how to make empty rooms… Continue reading Empty words

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I hear you

What do you think this fly on the wall hear? In Swedish we have the expression "en fluga på väggen" a fly on the wall, who can hear everything in a room. Maybe that's the same in english? We say: I wish I could be a fly on the wall so I can hear what… Continue reading I hear you

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Our Six Senses/Våra sex sinnen

To hear is to see To see is to hear To feel is to taste To taste is to feel To sniff is to perceive To perceive is to sniff Att höra är att se Att se är att höra Att känna är att smaka Att smaka är att känna Att nosa är att förnimma… Continue reading Our Six Senses/Våra sex sinnen

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Can you draw music?

Is it possible to do a drawing of music? I try now and then. This is from last year after a friend told me a music story. Anna   DJ no. 1?  

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If He comes/comes back, will we notice Him?

If He comes/comes back, will we notice Him? Maybe I'm about to stick my hand in bees nest, but here it is... This painting, as you probably see, is a fake "The last supper"(da Vinci). I borrowed his composition to make my point of how we "disciples" looks today. Our noses in iphones, ipads or… Continue reading If He comes/comes back, will we notice Him?

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You are my rock

With oil pastels this picture is possible to make. Lots of colourful fields make a rock with some water below as a mirror. You can turn the picture around if you like and get another point of view. The painting is on red paper. That gives an effect together with the pastel colour. If you… Continue reading You are my rock