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All you need is love :)

Happy Valentines day to you all! Be nice to each other and spread love around you.  You are very good at spreading love here in the blogging sphere. I hope you do that in real life too. It's not always easy and there are some sad people who don't get why love is worth spreading.… Continue reading All you need is love 🙂

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Heart of stone?

It's okay when stones shapes hearts. But when humans turn their hearts into stones. Then it's not okay, or is it? Att stenar formar sig till hjärtan har jag inget emot, men när vi människor formar våra hjärtan till sten, då börjar jag fundera på om vi gör rätt. Anna   

Time hunting

Measure time/Mäta tid

To measure time. Can we actually measure time? Here I have drawn an hourglass, which will be measured. So it is possible to measure time 🙂 Att mäta tid. Kan vi egentligen mäta tid? Här har jag ritat ett timglas, som blir mätt. Så visst går det att mäta tid 🙂 Anna   

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Stay with her!

Please give Melanie the support I think she needs right now: THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. WAKE ME UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE PLEASE.NOT MY DADDY DAMMIT. Her post, that almost made me cry reminded me of an old song from 1992: Shakespeare's Sister - Stay Wth Me (Official Music Video) I hope all goes… Continue reading Stay with her!