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Blue hearts

Found another picture that I've done on a phone screen. What does Blue hearts means to you? I have no idea what I was thinking when I drew the picture. It was too long ago to remember. Anna   

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Valentine’s Day Swedish love songs 2

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I think the day should be about all human love, not just for those who have someone special to love, so happy Valentine's Day to you all again 🙂 Another Swedish love song. This time with Lasse Winnerbäck and Miss Li. I google translated the Swedish lyrics so you… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Swedish love songs 2

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You’re my airport

This is my first Christmas with you my wp friends. I like it a lot. You are all so very kind, helpful and giving. If the world was all you, we would have world peace by now. I put one film in my DVD player every year, it may be a silly one, but every… Continue reading You’re my airport

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Turtle mode

   Has anybody heard from Melanie since here last post: Stuff and Nonsense | amusingmyselfmusings ? I'm worried and sending her some hugs and love by posting this drawing, inspired from her post about going into turtle mode. We all need to do that sometimes and I hope every one, who does that, has… Continue reading Turtle mode

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Love waste/Slösa med kärlek

This kind of signs do we need in life traffic. A mandatory sign urging us to waste with love. When I think of the charitable love, which actually cost very much to squander. A kind word, a helpful gesture, an ear that listens, a hand that gives close for a while, or life-long commitment in… Continue reading Love waste/Slösa med kärlek

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Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!

Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day! A day for all of us to show all kinds of love. To our beloved families, friends, our future friends and maybe if we want to reach worldpeace - our unfriends 😉 Let Valentines day be a peaceful day. After all, we humans are built by… Continue reading Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!