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Speak Swedish part 7

The previous Speak Swedish post got a comment about the swedish word "slut". It is not the same as the word in English. Just look at this. In English the word means something totally different  We pronounce the word differently, but when we write the letters only, who can then tell the difference? Languages are… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 7

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Silly smiles

Have you noticed the silly smile that's show up in your face when someone has left a comment on one or two of your posts? Even a little 🙂 can bring out that silly smile. If you have people around you when manage your blog or read comments on other blogs, they will probably wonder… Continue reading Silly smiles

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Speak Swedish part 4

I say it again. Speaking Swedish doesn't have to be that difficult. Look at this: Swedish - English Nobel - Nobel Professor - Professor Slang - Slang Blind - Blind Museum - Museum That wasn't so difficult ha? Anna 🙂   

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Speak Swedish!

Learn Swedish - it's easy 🙂 I'm not kidding. You will learn Swedish in a hurry. At least a few words. These words for an example: Swedish(English) Cash (Cash) Pizza (Pizza) laptop (laptop) jetlag (jetlag) tennis (tennis) golf (golf) winter (vinter) ipad (ipad) iphone (iphone) boss (boss) Ten words to learn in Swedish, that wasn't… Continue reading Speak Swedish!

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Good looking…

Melanie at Amusingmyselfmusings wrote a post, that reminded me of a Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt alias Blue. She paint in graffiti style, amazing artworks. She´s exploring the female body among other things, but that´s a real interesting theme she has. She kind of makes the female body look back and stare at the people who… Continue reading Good looking…

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About Annas Art – what do you think?

I've now done an About Annas Art page with much help from my wp friends. Please let me know what you think. And those of you who don't want to be seen with your link and quote on my about page, please let me know and I change that 🙂 Anna About Annas Art |… Continue reading About Annas Art – what do you think?

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Reblog button no longer in wp app

Just so you know. Updates aren't always improvements, but I'll guess you know that by now with wp updates 🙂 Anna