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Tree hugger or not?

Languages play jokes on us sometimes. The word hugger in English means someone who hugs. It's a nice word. In Swedish hugger is a verb for chop and the verb for using an axe. Tree is in Swedish träd, it's quite similar. Hugg in Swedish is chop, hug in English is hug. Also quite similar… Continue reading Tree hugger or not?

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The perfect gift

If you don't like to give Christmas presents that cost millions of your money, If you don't like the idea of Christmas presents, If you can't afford Christmas presents, If you're out of ideas for finding a good Christmas present, If you've already have given everything there is to give as presents, If you want… Continue reading The perfect gift

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Give me something to read -share a post

I'm exhausted after a long day. I need inspiration, a smile, a hug or anything that can bring my power back to normal. Have you a good post I can read on your or any other blog? Share a link to your post in the comments field. Anna    Wp library

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The Talk

   The talk I visit my friend Melanies blog and got angry. Not at her but at Mr (or Mrs or Miss or whatever) Big shot up there, who is supposed to watch over us. Read her two post and you will get angry too and get tears in your eyes at the same time… Continue reading The Talk