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She said no! #inktober 28 october 2015

   Thumbup's post: It’s melting! It’s melting! If all the ice melts. and other stop destroying our planet thoughts made me do this drawing. Mother Earth is as fragile as any human being. Why can't we understand that? Anna

Time hunting

Time for love/tid för kärlek

Tid för kärlek/time for love This is a picture about the main answer to all our questions about meening of life. Time for love. Love among all mankind is the only answer. We have tried hate, we've tried evil, we' ve tried tons of race separations, we've tried religious separation, but none of theese methods… Continue reading Time for love/tid för kärlek

Pastel paintings

Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!

Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day! A day for all of us to show all kinds of love. To our beloved families, friends, our future friends and maybe if we want to reach worldpeace - our unfriends 😉 Let Valentines day be a peaceful day. After all, we humans are built by… Continue reading Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!