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Face your painting skills

Stop saying you can't paint or draw. Find some known or unknown friends and get together in a painters group. Never mind if you have not painted before. Just get yourselves some painting or drawing materials. Then you set up a drawing or painting session and start painting. If you don't know what to draw… Continue reading Face your painting skills

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What do you do?

I'm out of ideas! Help me! Anna

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Word creative workshop

How many times do you answer all nice comments with "thanks, thank you, thank you very much"? Of course we all want to say big thank you:s to every wp-friend that expresses their liking of your posts. But sometimes when I try to figure out something more to say than thank you, I get stuck.… Continue reading Word creative workshop

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Something borrowed, part 2

In previous post I told you about how to paint a "cover" on someone elses painting. Here's another borrowed motive from a painter friend of mine. I förra inlägget berättade jag om hur man kan göra en "cover" på andras målningar som en minnesövning eller som bot på idetorka till exempel. Här kan ni se… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 2