Nature miracles, Photographs

Apples – äpplen

Seems to be a good apple year. Ser ut som ett bra äppelår. Ingrid Marie apples. Ingrid Marie-äpplen. Mmmmm they taste very good when they're ready to pick and they last all winter long if they're stored in the refrigerator. Mmmmm de smakar mycket gott när de har mognat och håller sig hela vintern i… Continue reading Apples – äpplen

Nature miracles, Photographs

Apple blossom time

I promised Leslie a picture of apple blooms. Here it is. At Fall this blooms will turn into the most delicious Ingrid Marie apples. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Ingrid Marie

One good thing with Fall. Apples 🙂 Hey, I have a question for you. What's the difference between Fall and Autumn? Sometimes I write Fall and sometimes Autumn. In Swedish we only have one word for the season. We call it höst. Anna

Nature miracles, What ever

Apple chips/äppelchips

   This is not an i-product from Apple 😉 It is me in the kitchen making apple chips from our apple tree. Ingrid Marie apples. Koka vatten och lite socker tills sockret har löst upp i vattnet. Låt lagen svalna. Skiva äpplen med skalen kvar i tunna skivor. Lägg i lagen och lyft upp på… Continue reading Apple chips/äppelchips