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She said no! #inktober 28 october 2015

   Thumbup's post: It’s melting! It’s melting! If all the ice melts. and other stop destroying our planet thoughts made me do this drawing. Mother Earth is as fragile as any human being. Why can't we understand that? Anna

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Me undressed at the beach #inktober 27 october 2015

   What did you expect? This is truly me undressed:) Happy halloween, spread love, not fear! Anna

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Hands off #inktober 25 october 2015

This drawing is the result of a painting session with my Pink Bucket friends. We had a glass bowl, some fruits and some leaves, that we each and every one did different paintings of. That was fun. Anna   

drawings, Reblogs, What ever

Why do sheep people wanna build a narc’s ego instead of their own ego?? #inktober 24 october 2015

Inspired by the comments talk I had with Sonofabeach96 about his post: Careful what ya’ wish for! | sonofabeach96 Are you a sheep or can you manage to think and act for yourself? Anna