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My mind to me a kingdom is

I repost an old post. I live much of my life in my mind. It's like traveling through universe. I find many art ideas there on my journey. So this poem I find very beautiful and well written/Anna I read a blogpost on HarsH ReaLiTy/have you ever if you ever, that made me think of… Continue reading My mind to me a kingdom is

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Friday night – nostalgia from the 80’s

If you haven't noticed it yet. It's Friday! And in my head this old tune turned up. Yes I grew up as a teenager in the 80's and the show Fame was one of the few shows with music in Swedish television. Back in those days we only had two channels and no VHS… Continue reading Friday night – nostalgia from the 80’s

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Don’t grow your blog!

At the post Danny’s World: A Common Question I have a conversation with Danny about the negative effects of growing a blog. So I decided to do a post about not growing a blog. You can read a hunderty billions of post about how to grow your blog but not a single one of how… Continue reading Don’t grow your blog!

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No 20 drawing in my goals for 2017

Consumed joy and memories echoes in space from long gone valleys and waves on the planet they left for it was no longer possible to live there. Mankind destroyed the planet and evacuated the citizens by putting them on spaceships heading for other planets to live on. But one ship lost track and can no… Continue reading No 20 drawing in my goals for 2017

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Imagine a Day

When I did a post about a photobook Imagine by Erik Johansson, Sheldon commented the post and mentioned a book he remembered. Imagine a Day by Sarah L. Thomson, Robert Gonsalves. Now I got it and it's a lovely book! Fantastic paintings and beautiful words. I will read this book many times and learn from… Continue reading Imagine a Day

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Art Should Not Depict Reality…

I read an inspirering qoute from one of Swedens famous artists. “Konsten ska inte skildra verkligheten, den ska protestera mot den! Konst och kultur ska ställa frågor och motfrågor, vända upp och ner på begreppen, skava och bråka, så att medborgaren får en överraskande, ny vinkel på sina frågor och åsikter.” "Art should not depict… Continue reading Art Should Not Depict Reality…

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Comments in reblogged posts

I try to get time to read as many posts as I can when I visit your blogs. Almost every post is interesting and worth reblogs. I don't reblog often, but when I do I want to turn comments off in the reblog post so the original writer of the post get the credit and… Continue reading Comments in reblogged posts

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Rainy day music

Today it's been raining here. A lot. That made me think of rain songs. I tried to find a youtube version of Come rain or come shine with Bill Evans and one of Swedens greatest artists ever Monica Zetterlund. But I didn't found that version. But I found another track from the Evan sessions with… Continue reading Rainy day music

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Robyn – Include Me Out

Robyn - Include Me Out I like this Swedish artist. She has her own sound and has much to say in her lyrics. Just listen. I heard this song today and it's still echoing in my head. Anna

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Do you do what you want to do/Gör du det du vill göra

Idag har jag målardag. Behöver måla färdigt tavlor till en utställning som jag har en dag nästa vecka. Jag mår bra av att måla, så trots att jag känner en viss stress över att hinna färdigt, känner jag samtidigt ett lugn när jag får måla. Den här text-teckningen uppmanar just till att göra det vi… Continue reading Do you do what you want to do/Gör du det du vill göra

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Årets första “onödiga inköp”/first unnecessary purchases this year

Nog för att jag hoppade över julklappsracet och helt enkelt avstod från att köpa julklappar, men den duktigheten höll jag alltså bara fram till idag. Lite likt den gamla visan som börjar "vad tar ni för valpen där i fönstret?" fastnade jag för en bedårande 1.40 m hög plyschgiraff i skyltfönstret på Albins i Trosa.… Continue reading Årets första “onödiga inköp”/first unnecessary purchases this year