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Clean the air

You know how it can be. In a relationship, friendship, parentship, work relations or anything else that has to do with interacting with others. First it's all good, fun and stable. Then after sometime there isn't what it used to be. You try to figure out what's different. If it's you or the other, or… Continue reading Clean the air

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Breaking up talk

   Dear "friend" I will eventually break up with you. This was a bad idea from the start. You promised me the world and well, I didn't just got the world, I did also got a lot of troubles that you "forgot" to tell me about when we met. I could say - I should… Continue reading Breaking up talk

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Zebra behind a Lamp

A quick drawing I did during a session with my painter friends. My ipad camera is crap and takes this kind of photos. I'm sorry. I hope you can see the drawing anyway, despite the unsharpness 🙂 Anna   

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Can you hear the sound of "Pling" when your ipad,cellphone or computer call for your attention? Can you hear what your device want to tell you with that "pling"? Do you jump up and down when you hear the "pling"? Or do you sigh over the "plings" everytime they disturb you? I think the "plings"… Continue reading Pling!

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My pling orchestra is playing!

Thank you all for liking and comment my posts. Everytime you do that my ipad goes "pling". It's so nice to hear you're out there. I tried to find a picture that could match this little music post and I found it! Have a nice evening, night or morning wherever you are 😀 Anna   … Continue reading My pling orchestra is playing!

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You are my TV!

You guys have far more interesting content than whats on my TV. I stopped watch TV some years ago, there was nothing to see and my art work took over and wanted my tv-time. I didn't mind really. But now I have found a new "TV". That's you my wp friends. I often get stuck… Continue reading You are my TV!

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Gone where?

I want to tickle your brains with this drawing. Where's the person who left shoes on the little beach and who is it? Anna


First post from phone

My ipad has gone mad. Or the bad connection. Or the app. I don't know. I'll be back with a real post with pictures when I can. My ipad app won't let me create a post right now 😦 But I can read your posts and comments, so I'll do that instead 🙂 Anna

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If He comes/comes back, will we notice Him?

If He comes/comes back, will we notice Him? Maybe I'm about to stick my hand in bees nest, but here it is... This painting, as you probably see, is a fake "The last supper"(da Vinci). I borrowed his composition to make my point of how we "disciples" looks today. Our noses in iphones, ipads or… Continue reading If He comes/comes back, will we notice Him?