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The wrong zero

Tonight my country Sweden football team probably plays their last game in the European football (soccer) championship for this time. We are a funny football nation. In this championship we haven't learn which zero we shall keep in the stats. We have zero shots on goal and zero goals made by our own players. Still… Continue reading The wrong zero

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Trosa en vinterkväll/Trosa town a winterevening

Trosa town in twilight from an island outside the harbour. Trosa västra stadsfjärd sett utifrån Edanö. Lite Reinhold Ljunggren över den ödesmättade skymningen. Anna

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

You wont believe it…

...but I have one more painting of the bridge I going on and on, about 😉 It is a small bridge that leads to a little island, where a few hundred people live. In the 1950s I think it was, there was no bridge. People back then, took the rowing boats to their island destination.… Continue reading You wont believe it…