Hur mycket ska Trosa växa – How much growth in Trosa?

Hos den lokala nyhetstidningen kan ni läsa en insändare som jag skrivit. Tidningen har fått ett svar på insändaren. Vad tycker du om frågorna och svaren?
I got a text published in the net local newspaper and the newspaper got an answer from our leading politician. What do you think of the questions and the answer below, a google translation from the Swedish version at


The submitter presents the basis of which municipal council Daniel Portnoff comments.

“I have tried to get answers from Trosa’s leading politicians without success.

A decision in the City Council says that Trosa will grow by 150 people a year, which means a declining percentage increase per year. Municipal council Portnoff says that they expect an increase of the population around 1.5-2% per annum. The investment decision for Infart Västra Trosa indicates that 670 homes will be built in western and southern Trosa to cover the cost of the new road. The municipal council committee Tomas Landskog says that only 10% of the growth will be outside the urban areas.

How does that work?
If the decision in the City Council applies, Trosa only needs to grow by 52 people per year until 2021. Then it may seem unnecessary for taxpayers to pay over 150 million for a new road that neither needs nor meets the climate goals of reduced emissions. In that case, the new road would be built for only 5-15 additional people per year outside urban areas for 134 years.

Preparedness with current rate of increase
If the population increase instead is 1.5% per year, we get twice as many in 46 years. If the population increase is 2%, we are twice as many already in 35 years. Do we have prepared for an early doubling of 11 years? Are we prepared to even double in 46 years? During the fall of 2017 it was found that Trosa has grown by 4% during the year. If that rhythm persists, it would mean that we become twice as many already in 17 years. Do we have prepared for the rapid increase?

In order to further confuse the number exercises, I add to the task of Tomas Landskog that 10% of growth should be outside the urban areas. Based on the 670 housing decisions of the financing decision and 3 people per home, I come to the following results.

Long payment time
If Trosa is to grow by 150 people a year, it means that the 670 resettlement income of the financing decision takes 134 years to get in. It’s a long time for taxpayers to lend money for a road, which only 10% of a future population is said to need, but everyone has to pay for. Or, the growth rate outside the urban area means that today’s politicians have planned housing for 134 years in the future. Or, the 10% task entails that Trosa is expected to grow with 6700 homes in total, which would mean an increase of 20,100 people in total. Period unknown.

So my question remains: How much is Trosa to grow?

Quick exposure in the exponential effect: Begin with the number 70 (year) and share the growth rate figure. Growth of 10% means a doubling effect of 7 years. (70/10 = 7)

Learn more about the impact of the exponential effect here:

Anna Bohlin

We contacted Daniel Portnoff to comment on the sender. He responded as follows:

“In 1992, Trosa municipality had 9894 inhabitants. By the end of 2016 we were 12,447. Population growth has thus been around 110 people a year, though it has varied over time. Some years it has fallen slightly and in other years it has increased by more than 300 This is mainly due to the business cycle.

We live in a free country with extensive legislation in the housing sector. Overall, the Swedish housing market works poorly. We would need a comprehensive review of large parts of housing policy at national level to get a better functioning housing market.

As local politicians, we try to do our best to ensure a housing production where all forms of return are available and the entire municipality is part of balanced growth.

In a growing municipality, we get a growing economy and properly managed to improve our ability to have great ambitions in terms of quality and supply in our municipal service to citizens. Population growth also creates better conditions for other services and a well-functioning labor market.

Nobody knows how the future will look and how the economy will be in terms of housing construction. However, a reasonable assumption is that the whole of Trosa municipality will continue to grow somewhere between 150 to 200 inhabitants per year for the next 10 years. But it will vary over time.

One thing I know. It is as well not the city council that determines how many inhabitants we become. There are a lot of individual decisions that control the development of a free country to a very high extent. On the other hand, the municipal council in a municipality where more people want to live can take responsibility for housing and plan for future growth. We try to do that and are sure to ensure broad political agreement over the block limit on these issues. “

Daniel Portnoff, Municipal Council


News from Save Trosa nature people 

One of my Save Trosa nature friends and I have worked on a report. We have examined if the project new big road can proceed without negative climate effects. It can’t, so we told the authorities and media. Here’s the first news article about our report. You can read it in Swedish at

Here’s what the Swedish news article says:

Municipalities Ingrid Benson and Anna Bohlin have examined the project New big road and the exploitation of the Tureholm Peninsula. They have compiled a 10-point list of climate councils that Trosa Municipality has not taken into account. The following press release has been published to media and environmental stakeholders:
Project New big road and the exploitation of Western Trosa – Tureholm Peninsula will counteract climate targets of 10 points.

In a review of the project based on climate reports from the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Association and the County Administrative Board, it appears that Trosa municipality in projects in Western Trosa
will strongly counter all established international, national, regional and local climate targets.

The review also shows that the municipality can cancel the projects and yet achieve the growth targets the municipality has set up.

The review letter “Has the climate goals been included in the planning of new big road and the exploitation of Western Trosa – Tureholm Peninsula?” Has been sent to decision-makers in Trosa Municipality, County Administrative Board, Regional Federation, Swedish Transport Agency, Swedish National Agency for Housing, the Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Energy, the Environment and Energy, the media and other actors which has the potential to influence a community development that promotes climate goals.

Trosa municipality politicians and other decision makers in the project today have a unique opportunity to cancel the project before it adversely affects the environment and the climate. The municipality then has the opportunity to launch climate-smart growth projects that strengthen migration attractiveness and the brand as an ecommerce community, thus fulfilling all climate goals, the reviewers believe.

The review letter is available as downloadable pdf file on the website It can also be ordered by e-mail at:

Photo: Mai Ottoson

The examination report tries to enlighten the authorities about the climate issues and the report actually says this:

Thomas at aspiblog says it in a few words. The report writers says it in many thousand words, but it’s still the same message.

To be continued 🙂


The will of the people became The people’s house

I found a Trosa article about the issue of change the name of a house that we been calling The people’s house for about 80 years. Recently the Trosa Municipality took over the responsibility for the house and wanted to change the name. They asked the people and you can read about it in Swedish here

And if you’re on fb you can give the article a like here.

This is a translation of the Swedish article.
If you like what you read and are on fb, please give the article a like as a thank you note. is a small local news site with a big heart for Trosa, so give the site support by liking it on fb.

The will of the people became The people’s house

Since a month ago, residents of Trosa Municipality have submitted proposals for a new name for The people’s house. We have taken note of the submitted nominations and state the following:
The people’s house (in swedish Folkets Hus) has received 107 votes and other nominations 1-2 votes each.
We caught an interesting motivation among the many proposals to keep the name. “Since 1936-37, the People’s House has existed for community life, cultural activities to have the opportunity to meet in celebration and joy as well as to exercise their democratic opportunities.”

Now it remains to be seen whether the municipality chooses to follow the majority’s wishes or remains at the line to rename the house.

(Translation from the swedish version)

Sea Nature in Trosa is no longer protected!

At a text in Swedish is published.

My family wrote the text to tell the public that the nature is no longer protected by the authorities that should protect it. It’s sad when authority people forget their responsibility to the public and nature. Sweden often brag about how uncorrupt we are. That’s not true anymore, we are as bad as any other nation. Money talks here too. We also brag about how great we are at democracy. We are not any more and that scares me.

This is the text in a google translation. Sorry if it’s hard to read. It’s not easy to translate all Swedish law words correct.

Trosa Municipality and the County Administrative Board extinguish the grand nature protection in Trosa

The Swedish nature protection rules shall protect the animal and plant life and provide public access to beaches and water. Responsibility for maintaining this protection is the municipality and county administrative board’s work.

The nature protection rules are simple. No action is allowed, therefore, exemption from the rules is required when you want to take action. To receive the dispensation, strong reasons, as defined in the law, are required.

The municipality and county administrative board also have supervisory responsibility. In case of suspected unlawful actions and when the notifier is known, there is an obligation to notify the notifier of appealable decisions. There is no legal possibility for the Authority to waive.

With the presumption that the municipality and county administrative authority protects nature and public interests, neither public, neighboring property or rights holders, which may be negatively affected by dispensation decisions, may have judicial decisions. The legislators have missed that the municipality and county administrative board may abuse the rules. There is no opportunity for the public to have obviously wrong exemption decisions tried in court.

This gap in the law has the municipality of Trosa and the County Administrative Board utilized the last three years in a case we are aware of. On an unclear basis, a property in the Trosa Archipelago, of the municipality and the County Administrative Board, has received immunity from the protection of nature rules in terms of assessments of applied dispensers and supervisory rules. Notifiers have also been refused appeal decisions for a period of three years on repeated occasions, although regulatory authorities are not legally able to do so. How the municipality’s management of the nature protection rules benefits the public and nature’s interests in this case is unclear.

In the cases We know about the entries contain the reported dispensing measures reported and the municipality and the County Administrative Board’s alternative interpretation of the dispensation rules. As the law applies equally to all and no one can be subdivided, all beach properties should be able to invoke the immunity from the protection of the sea, which the municipality and the County Administrative Board now appear to offer selected property owners in Trosa. However, it is unclear how property owners achieve such status.

This alternative application of the beach protection rules means that the public in the future may see a significant reduction in access to beaches when the notifier is refused enforcement decisions. Nature no longer has any protection of the beach protection rules, which may have fatal consequences. Nature and the public can not defend themselves but have to rely on responsible authorities to do right.

Owners of beach property can either be fortunate if they receive immunity from the protection of the beach, or they may suffer from inequality and infinite attempts to achieve correction in costly multi-year legal proceedings when wrong decisions are refused independent review.

We estimate, so far we know, that the municipality has deprived the municipality’s inhabitants of approximately SEK 150,000 (18 000 USD, 16 000 EUR) in the absence of dispensation revenue due to lack of supervision. Then, any supervisory fees and test amounts are not included. If the municipality has applied alternative interpreting, even in other cases, the amount that has been detached from the municipality’s inhabitants may be even greater.

It’s not trucks that run into crowds that threaten democracy, it’s authorities that act out of rules and make public and residents lawless that is the real threat to democracy.

Here’s a drawing I made a couple of years ago. Nature protection laws should preserve nature and public access to beaches in Sweden. But our authorities use the rules to protect some private landowners instead.


News about Save Trosa nature efforts -Nyheter om infart Västra Trosa

Hos kan du läsa den senaste händelsen kring Infart Västra Trosa. Det viktiga i den nyheten är att det kommer att finnas ett överklagningsbart beslut som Trafikverket kommer att ta om vägen. Det är något ja-till-förbifarten-politikerna har talat mycket tyst om eller helt enkelt inte talat om alls.
Så för alla er som vill rädda Trosas naturnära boendemiljöer och den orörda naturen, det är inte försent!
Läs Naturskyddsföreningens skrivelse till Länsstyrelsen här.
Läs skrivelsen från boende vid Gillbergsvik/Käftudden här
Läs Monica Casemyrs skrivelse till kommunens politiker här

Som ni säkert börjar förstå kanske inte politikernas storslagna vägprojekt är särskilt klokt att genomföra.

At you can read the below text in Swedish. It’s good that the local news paper writes about what happens in the new big road project. Not every newspaper does, but do. I thank for that.

The good news this time is that the court says there will be a decision about the new big road that will be able to appeal. Our politicians try to tell the citizens that all decisions are already made and there’s nothing we can do about it. Well now they proven wrong!

Nature Conservation in this region and in Trosa district has appealed the County Administrative Board’s decision regarding Inbound West Trosa from 4 January 2017. They argue that the project involves significant environmental impact. Current Decision are based on the county’s decision from 2012, when the road project boundary and area of ​​impact was described quite differently.
They claim that the decision is overturned, the issue of environmental impacts are taken into account, the Transport Administration initiates a new planning process and that a new environmental impact statement is required.

The decision of 6 February 2017 the Administrative Court rejects union appeal. The decision informs the Court however that the Swedish Transport Administration’s decisions can be appealed.

We contacted Karl-Axel Reimer, SSNC in Trosa district and Sörmland for comment.

“The administrative court rejected our appeal and argues that review of this kind of decision is not possible to request. Court warns that it is only in the decision on the Roadmap as the issue of environmental impact assessment, consultation process and more questionable. So we will follow the further process and be involved there.Text and vignette: Mai Ottoson

You can support the news article by visiting the itrosa fb-page and leave a like if you like 😉

I’ll be back with more Save Trosa nature news when I have something new to tell you.


News article about Save Trosa nature

The letter that was sent to County Board asking them to save Trosa nature from a new big road that the politicians wants to build has now reached the local digital newspaper.

Nyheten om invånarnas skrivelse till Länsstyrelsen har nått lokaltidningen

Ni kan läsa artikeln här:
You can read the Swedish article here:

If you rather read a Google translated English version, here it is:

“County Board rejected the SSNC’s request for reconsideration of the project new big road in Trosa, as we previously reported. Now comes new demands on the County Board Act. 132 residents and two compounds on Tureholm Peninsula Gillbergsvik / Käftudden standing together behind a letter to the County Board.

They claim in particular that the exploitation of Tureholm Peninsula and Western Trosa is now a prerequisite for the road to be built according to the municipality’s funding decisions. An area at Käftudden, at the very Tureholm Peninsula, has previously been considered for the investigation reserve. The landowner Trosa Forest 1: 1 has opposed reserve formation.

In the letter to the County Board maintains the residents to:
“Tureholm Peninsula is high conservation with several endangered species, including sea eagles that the municipality uses in its advertising.

Their habitat is now threatened by the exploitation municipality and the peninsula’s largest landowners have imagined implement. Exploitation plans contrary to current practice for species protection. An environmental impact assessment should be made and include the development areas which are now paired with the infrastructure project. ”
The letter is available in its entirety on your site:

From Swedish Text and photo by Mai Ottoson”

Om du har missat inlägget Låt örnen flyga kan du läsa det här/read the where eagles fly post here:
Sharing is caring/Dela gärna inlägget om du vill. Hittills har inlägget samlat 73 fb-delningar. So far 73 fb shares.

Vill du också bidra till att rädda Trosas natur eller veta mer om frågan kan du eposta mig på

Tillsammans kan vi få politikerna att vakna upp i tid. Vi behöver ställa om till ett hållbart leverne nu, inte skjuta upp det till nästa generation.

Together we can start the change. We need to take care of our planet now, not put it on hold to next generation.


Läs i sommar! Read a novel in Swedish!


I wrote a little novel a couple of years ago, to se if I could. If you read Swedish or have a possibility to translate, you can look into the links for each chapter and read.

När ni behöver ta en paus. Leta rätt på en bok och sjunk in i tankeuniversum för en stunds verklighetsflykt.

Eller leta er in på i arkivskåpet för att läsa en annorlunda historia, som jag i samarbete med presenterade vid förra årsskiftet. Ni som inte läste den då kan göra det nu i stället om ni vill.

Ni finner den på dessa länkar.

Alma 1
Alma 2
Alma 3
Alma 4
Alma 5
Alma 6
Alma 7
Alma 8
Alma 9
Alma 10
Alma 11
Alma 12
Alma 13
Alma 14

Hoppas att ni finner en nöjsam läsning trots det allvarsamma ämnet. kan ni också följa vad som händer i Trosa kommun, så där kan ni titta in även om ni inte tänker läsa Alma-historien 😉


Jackie the ripper by Anna B©hlin

Jackie the ripper by Anna B©hlin

If you don’t read Swedish but still want to read this story, maybe you can try to translate it?

Have a nice reading 🙂

Del 1/Part 1

Del 2/Part 2

Del 3/Part 3

Del 4/Part 4

Art in Trosa Easter 2016

Nu kan du läsa om årets konstrunda i Trosa på nättidningen

Du hittar artikeln här.

If you want to read about art weekend in Trosa (in Swedish) or just look at the pictures you can find the article from here.

I’m not one of the artists, but you can always see what my town can do in art 🙂

I participated the first year and these paintings found new homes that weekend.

Happy easter!


And a canvas print of this painting


Don’t ever trust politicians!


Trosapoliticians without ears and eyes 2015

When the world recently met in Paris to achieve a save the Planet plan, the politicians in Trosa from every political party there is, decided to take a increasing pollution comprehensive plan for our municipality.
You can read about it here at in Swedish

“Samhällsbyggnadsnämnden fick under tiden 6 juli till 30 september 2015 in femton skrivelser med invändningar mot i första hand Infart västra Trosa/Förbifart Trosa. Vid kommunfullmäktiges sammanträde den 2 december fastställdes dock översiktsplanen utan omröstning. “
(Part of the

“Planning Board received during the period July 6 to September 30 2015 in fifteen letters objecting to primarily Inbound West Trosa / Bypass Trosa. At the City Council meeting on 2 December was set, however, the comprehensive plan without a vote. “ (a google translation of part of article from
Cut from Södermanlands Nyheter

A couple of days later I saw this in a local “newspaper” (I refuse to call it newspaper cause they do not complete their task as investigative journalists). Though you can read some of their “news” on (Södermanlands Nyheter) and see for your self. But don’t expect to find any difficult questions to the Trosa politicians.

This picture shows a Trosa politician with a banner saying….oh you can read it your self.

How a politician in one place can say yes to increased pollutions and in another place say yes to zero emissions is beyond my little brain.

I have only one answer. Politicians do this all the time. Do not ever trust them!

I’m sorry world and I’m begging you to forgive our stupidiness. We have tried to tell our politicians that increased pollution plans are not the right way into the future. They won’t listen. But we are not giving up yet. We will be back and hopefully we can tell the world that we are on the decreasing pollution train finally.

You can read more about Save Trosa nature movement here:

Save Trosa nature movement on facebook

And here:


Planet attendant 🙂

It’s spreading…

My pdf document in which I have let our politicians know about how I feel about them erasing our nature, take a look at the original post:
This document has spread to our local internet-magazine
and to the facebook page that tells about what happens if we let our politicians erase our nature.
I’m not on facebook, so I cant give the FB pages likes, but if you are with me in this save Trosa nature matter, please visit the FB links above and give them a like, if you want.
We want to welcome you all to my town Trosa in the future with our nature still there 

Mitt yttrande till Trosa kommun angående dystopin Översiktsplan 2015 har nu spridit sig till ovanstående facebooksidor och tidningen
Jag har inget FB-konto, så jag kan inte ge sidorna några likes, men om ni stödjer tanken på att rädda Trosa kommuns natur får ni gärna göra besök på dessa FB-sidor och trycka på gillaknappen om ni gillar det ni ser och läser. Om ni är med i FB.
Ha en fin dag!


Husvagnssemester i Trosa 2030?

Husvagnssemester i Trosa 2030?

Me, a blogger?

Do you want to read some Swedish?

Then you can visit a local e-magazine called and read an interview with me.

Here’s the link:
Or visit | Facebook

Give it a try if you want.

Cheat and read a google translation here:

Anna Bohlin combine efforts to help entrepreneurs with financial issues with painting and create new art forms. Since a few years, she is also a blogger. We got an interview.

How was it that you started blogging?

– From the beginning, I used the blog platform as a showroom for my art. A shortcut to create the website.

After a few years I started to interest me for the actual blog functions. I ended thanks to some early followers of my blog on international blogs that had great activity. They generously shared their information about high-level blogging, which triggered me to try.

By extension, it meant that I “moved abroad” because the Swedish / EU’s  of the so-called strict area code. They simply have not understood that the blogosphere is global. If you build a blog in Swedish platform reaches just within the country, unless people find your blog through search functions embedded in the browser. If you build a blog with English as the main language in the settings, you reach around the world.

You have a large number of international followers. What has it meant?

– A myriad of reflections, reactions, wise insights, interesting ideas and valuable feedback in the center of performing arts. An endless source of inspiration and global communication.

The number of followers depends entirely tied to how many blogs you follow. To follow and to get followers go hand in hand in a very rich give and take. Sharing is the key word for bloggers, I’ve discovered. Fantastic.

I have thanks to my followers, discovered lots of talented, creative, wise and välformulerande blog writers. It gives a real kick to their own creativity and I also feel that I can give back to the inspiration I get from them.

Have you met any of your foreign contacts IRL?

– No, and it’s not a goal or a purpose of blogging. Blogging is about the health of the people inside, through the creativity they convey through their blog. I wrote about it on my blog: Who are you people? | FärgaregårdsAnna

Bloggers Sail Around the World

What does your future development of the blog out?

– I continue as long as blogging amuses me. It takes time to maintain a high activity on a blog. The more time you spend blogging, the more it grows in number of followers and the number of impressions. Nothing happens by itself. You must invest time and effort if you want a positive development of the blog.

I also belong to the digital stone age, which means that I specifically figure on the blog and not in any other social media. It allows the establishment of a large tracking circuit very slowly.

Will you continue with your traditional job or completely devote yourself to creating, art and writing?

– Haha, I’m too hungry and comfortable. I need more than bread and water to live on and would love to have a safe indoor accommodation. Additionally inspires my employment center of performing arts.

Bloggers in the world, I have ended up in the blogs entirely voluntary, but is then also free in its expression and not controlled by the hand that would otherwise feed them.

How to find your blog?

Do you have any tips for those who want to start a blog?

– They are available at:

What do you have going on in thong in the near future?

– I will participate at the Spring Salon in brief with completely new works in the category reuse species. I have returned materials, which we otherwise often regard as rubbish. I also link together current art events with my artwork. I have not had time to get them ready yet, but I hope I do it. Warm welcome to the Spring Salon, the show is always a lot interesting local art.

Interview and vignette: Mai Ottoson

My appologize to Mai for a bad translation. For you my wp friends to know: my friend Mai, who wrote the article in Swedish, work as a translator. She probably knows how to translate her text in a far better way than in my lazy way 😀


Time taking vacation/semestertid

Can I show you something? (Part 1)


This is shown right now i our Spring exhibtion in Trosa where local artist show their art work.

You can see pictures from the exhibition on


Uppblåsta ballonger spricker förr eller senare…


När jag läste en förbifartsartikel på fick jag följande bild i huvudet.

Maken till omvänd röstvinnarstrategi från sittande kommunregering har jag nog aldrig skådat. Artikeln återger en intervju med Trosas alliansledare, som totalt olyhörd inför eventuella väljare deklarerar att förbifartsfrågan redan är klar och att inget i världen kan få dem som bestämmer att ändra sig. Inte ens invånarnas önskemål om att utreda frågan ytterligare göre sig besvär.

Att ett valår anta Putin-strategi verkar både osmaklig och dessutom aningen korkat i Trosakommun-perspektiv. I Trosa kommun vill invånarna delta i beslut och säger med bestämdhet ifrån när politikerna gör för stora utsvävningar i det blå (ursäkta den ofrivilliga ordvitsen).

I länsbytesfrågan orerade politikerna lika segervisst som med förbifarten och sade sig säkert veta att invånarna önskade länsbyte, men ack vad de bedrog sig. Nu gör man om samma resa, men försöker givetvis undvika frågeomgången hos invånarna.

Storhetsvansinneprojekt hör hemma i drömmarnas värld, ingen annanstans. Tänk om våra politiker kunde ta det till sig. Ju större projekt de driver igenom, desto mer krymper de i storhet, iallafall i mina ögon.

Små människor försöker bygga stora saker för att synas.
Små människor har också en grandios självbild, som innebär att man anser sig inte behöva folkets stöd eller synpunkter. Man har redan alla svaren själv.

Läs gärna artikeln på och koppla ihop den med denna bild om ni vill 😉


Trosa kommun strandskydd

Här i Trosa blåser det kring Trosa kommuns handhavande av standskyddsdispenser må ni tro. Naturskyddsföreningen har lyft, för oss alla, mycket angelägna frågor.
Läs mer på om detta intressanta ämne.

Jag väljer att tolka debatten med en i-teckning ifrån 2014 års Trosa-serie kring aktuella händelser i Trosa.


Vänder vi på teckningen ser den ut som vi andra ser världen 😉


Lämna gärna kommentarer. Ämnet rör oss alla, som vill kunna vistas i skog, mark och sjönära områden även i framtiden.