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The tale post are out there again

Sharing is caring and this time Jim from random writings on the bathroom wall shared one of my posts about the tale of an unnecessary road. Thanks Jim! And if you haven't visited or not already follow Jims blog. Stop by and say Hi to Jim and you will have a nice chat ahead :)… Continue reading The tale post are out there again

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Check this artsite!

With inspiration from Jims Art Sundays I will tell you about an artsite I just found Cayce Zavaglia does amazing embroidery of people. Check it out here: As you all can see it's a fire 🙂 Ever since I followed my moms art work I have always found embroidery art work fascinating. Check out… Continue reading Check this artsite!

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Big fight part 2

Our wp friend Melanie is on her way to next round in the big fight. Please visit her at: I’ve REALLY missed you guys… | amusingmyselfmusings and give her love and support, just like she always does with us all, in the comments she leave on our blogs. Melanie, I really hope you will… Continue reading Big fight part 2

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We all need castles sometimes

Jim is feeding us with castle pics at Random Writings on the bathroom wall. Thumbups comment in the castle post made me do this drawing. I thought someone should give Thumpup a image sometime. She give us so much images in the comments that make us smile and laugh and think. So I drew a… Continue reading We all need castles sometimes

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The big fight

Melanies flight I would like a side of Mayo (Clinic) please… This post by a dear wp friend got stuck in my head and to deal with it I have drawn a picture. That's my way of dealing with the unfair sides of life. There's another wp friend in the picture who's figuring in Melanies… Continue reading The big fight