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Kayak evening – kajaker i skymning

When I was thinking it's time to sleep I saw these two kayakers out at sea the other night. När jag började tänka  på läggdagstid härom kvällen fick jag syn på dessa paddlare.  A perfect kayak evening. No big waves and nature silence. Peaceful. En perfekt kajakkväll. Spegelblankt vatten och naturens underbara tystnad. Fridfullt. Anna

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I went to my church

I've said it before and I say it again. Nature is my church. Especially archipelago nature where my home is. Nothing beat this in my book. Can you believe there are people who wants to destroy this beautiful piece of paradise? I will fight as long as I can to preserve nature.  Have a great… Continue reading I went to my church

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Kayak water

Soon I hope I get time for some kayaking.  This is also why I'm fighting for nature. Can you imagine that some people wants to destroy archipelago life?  It's heaven on earth, still some think they can improve it by exploitation. I like the archipelago just the way it is. Everyday we can watch many… Continue reading Kayak water

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Clouds in the water?

Nature beauty. I didn't do anythong but to take the photo. The rest is natures doing. Sweden archipelago in Baltic sea in my neighborhood. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, Trosa is the place, What ever

Perfect kayak water

One of my favorite places. A place for kayaking 🙂 What's your favorite places? Anna

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End of vacation time

I checked my bucket list and look! I've done all things on the list 🙂 But I still want more kayaking time, art time and hang out with friends time. Swedish summer is short, but we have beautiful Fall months in August and September so I still have time to get the more-wishes done. I… Continue reading End of vacation time

Digital paintings, Nature miracles, Photographs, Trosa is the place

Kayak morning

Kayak mornings are like heaven on earth. To be in nature silence watching all greatness and feel you can be a part of that miracle is an experience I truly cherish. I live in Trosa archipelago very near Askö nature reserve. It's always grand nature experience kayaking in this area. Almost no wind makes paddling… Continue reading Kayak morning

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Spring in Trosa II

Two more pics from today 🙂     The Green Square in Trosa   Trosa river There's something about afternoon sunlight that I can't resist. It's almost as magic as early morning sunlight. Today I saw two people kayaking down the creek. That is a Spring sign. Anna

Digital paintings, Nature miracles, Photographs

Kayak fantasy

Kayaking in archipelago in Sweden is sweet as candy 😉 Anna