Time hunting

Time for love – tid för kärlek

When the world around you seems a little hopeless and cruel. Think of all the love you can get from those who really care for you. That helps. När världen omkring dig verkar aningen hopplös och elak. Tänk då på all kärlek du kan få från de som verkligen bryr sig om dig. Time for… Continue reading Time for love – tid för kärlek

Time hunting

Playing with time/Leka med tiden

Time is a fragile thing very often. Like an egg maybe. We balance the time as gentle as we can. Or do we really? Maybe we're sometimes forget how easy time can crush in thousands of pieces. Maybe we forget to take it easy with time, maybe we rush to much and forget taking care… Continue reading Playing with time/Leka med tiden

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Art in Trosa Easter 2016

Nu kan du läsa om årets konstrunda i Trosa på nättidningen itrosa.se. Du hittar artikeln här. If you want to read about art weekend in Trosa (in Swedish) or just look at the pictures you can find the article from itrosa.se here. I'm not one of the artists, but you can always see what my… Continue reading Art in Trosa Easter 2016

Pastel paintings

Icebreaker Anna/Isbrytaren Anna ;)

This post is partly an old one, but today with -15 C and freezing winds I feel like I have ice coldness everywhere. Fireplace keep me warm, so I'm alright. Found this painting and thought it would fit in the cold theme 🙂  Still warm thoughts to you all! Anna Pastel Painting on red paper.… Continue reading Icebreaker Anna/Isbrytaren Anna 😉

Pastel paintings


Lemur It's difficult to paint animals, but this lemur actually looks like a lemur, I think. Att måla djur tillhör inte mina styrkor. Jag försökte mig på att måla en lemur och hade väldigt roligt när jag målade den. Anna

Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

This is how Trosa harbor looks like when the rescue boats are not out on rescue missions. I painted this a couple of years ago and gave it to Trosa Swedish Rescue Societys to show appreciation for their volunteers work. You can read more here: In English | Sjöräddningssällskapet " We save lives at sea… Continue reading Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

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E.T. is back?

A couple of years ago I found an E.T. stone. It was shaped as his head. I tried do put some color on the stone to make it look even more like him. Since then he has a place in our garden by the sea, keeping his eyes on us. He's out all year long,… Continue reading E.T. is back?

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What’s holding you back? Vad hindrar dig?

Have you noticed, in yourself, how effectively we turn off the road to our own goals and dreams sometimes? We often have lots of excuses for why we can not get through on the way to our dreams. But honestly, how many of the closures do we need? How many of them we could abolish,… Continue reading What’s holding you back? Vad hindrar dig?

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Can I show you something? (part 2)

Here's the whole story:    Do you want to open and look for the answer?    This art is my contribution to our local spring exhibiton. You can see pictures from the exhibition at http://www.itrosa.se. Anna

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago

  Our most photographed object in Trosa archipelago. A lighthouse-place we call "Julafton" wich is X-mas eve in english. The legend tells that shipwrecked were nearby and got rescued, one Christmas eve and since then, the lighthouse is called Julafton (Christmas eve). In this painting it is winter as you can see 😉 Anna

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Crazy archipelago

In Sweden we have an absolutely heavenly archipelago. It's so beautiful and peaceful, when it's not a storm going on of course. I think "millions" of artist have painted the archipelago scenes and so have I. But with this painting I wanted to break the tradtion. The horizon is not horizontal and in our archipelago,… Continue reading Crazy archipelago

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Be in time/Vara i tiden

What if the time is a wheel of fortune and we can go with it, when the time start spinning? What if that time wheel stops in the right moments and let us win some more time to spinn with? Tänk om tiden snurrar som ett lyckohjul och vi får snurra med. Tänk om hjulet… Continue reading Be in time/Vara i tiden

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Never stop create!

Found a beautiful post at Harsh Reality that reminds me again of the importance to never stop someones creativity. Always encourage such thing as drawing, painting, writing or other art-forms if the person feeling good when doing it. We don't have to be champions in creativity. But we must allow our selves and others to… Continue reading Never stop create!

Pastel paintings

City edge/Stadkant

  City edge in pastels on colored paper. I call the painting "stadkant" in swedish, which in english means selvedge. But in swedish it can also mean city edge. This painting is not so difficult to achieve. Find a colored paper, some pastel crayons, and start drawing squares in different colors. Then, you do the… Continue reading City edge/Stadkant

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You and me

I found a painting in my "not yet finished" work corner. I suddenly noticed that it was finished. To people with different hight, age or something else that differ them. But I think they have a soulmate thing between them. Maybe you see something else in the painting. Let us all know if you want… Continue reading You and me