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Can you give me some favourite movies?

Right outside Trosa city there's a wonderful place called Lagnö gård. At that place there's a hostel Lagnö Studio and also a mini cinema where guests at the hostel and those who live in the area can watch movies every two weeks in Winter and Spring. I have become a little helper at that mini… Continue reading Can you give me some favourite movies?

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Movie night at Lagnö studio

Every second week there's movie night at a lovely place right outside Trosa town. Lagnö studio. In an old barn, now a film studio and a hostel, the film nights take place. We start with a short movie. Sometimes from the Natureisspeaking-serie, like this one: Then we go on with the main film. This… Continue reading Movie night at Lagnö studio

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Force Majeure – A Swedish movie

In Trosa we have a lovely little movie club, where everyone who loves movies are welcome. In a old barn, that now is a excellent place to watch movies, Lagnö filmklubb shows great movies from all over the world. This time we watched a Swedish movie by Ruben Östlund, Force Majeure. Mr Östlunds movies often… Continue reading Force Majeure – A Swedish movie