Is it snowing on your blog?

A post at Aspiblog made me aware of something I didn't had thought about. The snowing on wp blogs in December. I always thought that was a nice little extra in December. But not everyone reader see it that way. The snowing can disturb the reading. So this year, no more snowing on my blog.… Continue reading Is it snowing on your blog?

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Speak Swedish part 6

When I was in school about hundred years ago I thought it was scary to learn English, a foreign language. The thing that scared me was, what if I can't learn it properly, what if I say the wrong words, spell them bad and so on. What if I don't understand the language.  I was… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 6

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V.i.p. Visit Sweden

Yesterday the Pope himself visited our little country Sweden. I watch the ceremony in Lunds church on tv a little bit. I thought it was nice and I like the idea of peacemaking among the religious people from all over the world. They said we should focus on our similarities instead of pointing out our… Continue reading V.i.p. Visit Sweden

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Meet & Greet at 1300

The 1300 followers milestone are now behind us. Can you believe it? We are 1334 following this blog, plus some emailfollowers. So, I keep holding meet & greet for every 100 milestone we reach. You leave your link to your blog in the comments and tell us what your blogs about if you want. When… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 1300

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Speak Swedish part 3

I will keep saying that you all can learn Swedish. Read this (English translation) April (April) September (September) Oktober (October) November (November) December (December) That wasn't to difficult, ha? Anna   

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Reach out and jump in

Are you aware of that your language settings on your dashboard makes different in how many people you reach with your blog? This is mainly for you, who don't choose english as language in the settings. If you choose your own language, me for an example, choosed Swedish when I started my blog. A stupid… Continue reading Reach out and jump in

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Speak Swedish!

Learn Swedish - it's easy 🙂 I'm not kidding. You will learn Swedish in a hurry. At least a few words. These words for an example: Swedish(English) Cash (Cash) Pizza (Pizza) laptop (laptop) jetlag (jetlag) tennis (tennis) golf (golf) winter (vinter) ipad (ipad) iphone (iphone) boss (boss) Ten words to learn in Swedish, that wasn't… Continue reading Speak Swedish!