Be the unique you

We’re writing the year 2018 and we still don’t get that we are all alike. We are all just expressing ourselves in the ways we find is possible for us. For far too many people that still means you’re different if you don’t express your self like “normal” people. I don’t get it. The most boring thing there is, is when people act like expected and like most people. The most interesting thing is when people break patterns and do the unexpected and expose their uniqueness in good ways.

That’s when the magic happens.

In Sweden we have a chance to see some of the unexpected acting dare to be unique people in a tv show called Lerins lärljungar (Lerins pupils).

Might not be available for those of you who read this outside of Sweden. Your country tv stations should buy this show from Swedish television.

The famous Swedish aquarelle painter Lars Lerin having an art school for aspies, autistics, Down’s syndromes and some others with special talents.
It’s lovely to see these creative people with warm hearts big as universe and very clever minds. We should learn a lot from them and the world would be a much nicer world for all of us.

They show what happens when we let people to be what they are and let them express themselves in they way that suits them. So far we have been able to watch four episodes and it’s amazing to see goodness in people. It’s so inspiring.

In the blogsphere we also find this kind and wise people, that I always learn a lot from. For example at aspiblog and The silent wave.

What I wanna say is that we should stop putting labels on people and try to force expressing rules on them and ourselves. We all need to feel we can express ourselves in ways that’s suits us without being questioned all the time. There’s no right or wrong in the way of how to create and be the unique you.

Is it possible for us to accept the challenge – to accept people for what they are and allow all to be the unique person everyone already is?

I say yes – it is possible!


Feel free to use this piece of art if you join the challenge 🙂


The watercolor worlds of Lars Lerin

One of our top favourite artists in Sweden, Mr Lars Lerin has an exhibition in Minneapolis Minnesota until Maj 22. If you’re nearby, check it out. He does amazing water color paintings. It’s unbelievable beautiful and I don’t understand how anyone can do such paintings.
Infolinks that I found:

If anyone of you find your way to the exhibition, please let us know what you think.


Walking in Lars Lerins landscape

I’ve just stepped right into an infinite landscape, that calls the origin of man. Forests, water, rocks, snow, ice, animals and even some human habitations.
Opening Lars Lerins book Natural Learning involves a wide open gate to the nature we never ever do without, even if we sometimes get us there.
To walk into his landscapes, which he builds up in his paintings, represents a clear awakening. Nature does not need us, but we need nature.
To benefit from Lars Lerins texts and paintings take me on adventures in the universe of thought, which I reluctantly return home from. Each leaf of the Natural Learning: limes norrlandicus has a meaning and a purpose, just like every part of nature has meaning and purpose. Everything is connected, both nature and each painting, as the book wears on.
This book, I will carry with me in every way, even after I read the last page. As a reminder that man must stop violating nature as inspiration for his own painting and recurrent reading of thought hikes.
My own nature painting, not as good as Lars Lerins, but a try 😉

Att vandra i Lars Lerins landskap

Jag har precis klivit rakt in i ett oändligt landskap, som anropar människans ursprung. Skogar, vatten, klippor, stenar, snö, is, djur och även några människoboningar. 

Att öppna Lars Lerins bok Naturlära innebär en vidöppen port till den natur vi aldrig någonsin klarar oss utan även om vi ibland får för oss det.

Att vandra in i hans landskap, som han bygger upp i sina målningar, innebär ett tydligt uppvaknande. “Naturen behöver inte oss, men vi behöver naturen”- Se Nature is speaking (Julia Roberts lånar sin röst till Mother Nature)

Att få ta del av Lars Lerins texter och målningar tar mig ut på äventyr i tankeuniversum, som jag ogärna vänder hemåt ifrån. Varje blad i Naturlära : limes norrlandicus har en mening och ett syfte, precis som varje del i naturen har mening och syfte. Allt hänger ihop, både naturen och varje målning, som boken bär på.
Den här boken kommer jag att bära med mig på alla sätt och vis även efter det att jag läst sista sidan. Som påminnelse att människan måste sluta kränka naturen, som inspiration till eget måleri och som återkommande läsning av tankevandringar.
Ni finner boken här, om ni inte rusar till närmaste fysiska bokhandel eller lånar den på ert bibliotek.
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