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Library differences

Which library do you prefer and when? Anna

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Libraries is our common soul

Biblioteken, vår gemensamma själ Det här inlägget gav mig iden till denna post. This post gave me the idea for this post.    I like libraries. They're full of books and people in reading silence. You might think, silence - how boring. But, there's a lot more sounds in libraries than anywhere else. You just… Continue reading Libraries is our common soul

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Give me something to read -share a post

I'm exhausted after a long day. I need inspiration, a smile, a hug or anything that can bring my power back to normal. Have you a good post I can read on your or any other blog? Share a link to your post in the comments field. Anna    Wp library

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Our future Library

This is a book Painting, a Library Painting. But not random books, not the usual Library. This is a very special Library. This is our future Library. This is all of our books, not yet written. This is your dreams of the novel you may write in the future. The one you carry inside your… Continue reading Our future Library