The ladder of life – livets stege

Is life like this? Kan vi se livet som en stege? Some climbing up to the top, some stays halfway and som stays on the ground. Några klättrar hela vägen upp, några stannar på halva vägen och andra står kvar på marken. Watercolors on cardboard, reuse art. Akvarell på kartong. Anna

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No 18 drawing in my goals for 2017

I did one more drawing. One of the spaceship passengers tells us about how they seek savoury by escaping to their dreams. They stand with one leg in an ocean of feelings and the other one in total lack of feelings. They asked themselves but forgot to answer, they dreamed of a life but forgot… Continue reading No 18 drawing in my goals for 2017

Pastel paintings


I always feel powerless when my friends tells me that sad things happens to them. It can be about their family members with almost deadly health issues or certain deaths.  I want to heal the world and all sorrows both near and far, but I can't. I try to support by saying I always carry… Continue reading Praying

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Your life as a widget list

   How do you list your priorities in your daily life? Is it always the must do things first and the fun stuff last? Or do you organize your life as a widget list? When you build your blog you have widget options. If you check out the blogs you read, you often see a… Continue reading Your life as a widget list

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It’s official!

Spring is here. At least by my own definition 🙂 The very first and only coltsfoot has arrived in my place.    It is the first flower that appears in our Spring time.     I've only seen one yet, but there will be plenty more when real Spring sun and warmth comes. I love these… Continue reading It’s official!

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Wise Words…

Just a helpful hint for happiness! xoxo http://amusingmyselfmusings.com/2015/08/17/wise-words/ This brilliant post I wish I had read ages ago. Read it and wake up if you don't already are awake 🙂 I did a painting on the subject couple of years ago. Here it is:

Time hunting

The time spirit/Tidsandan

  What if time is a spirit locked in a lamp? Do we set him/her free when we are born? Can we make lifelong wishes? I don't know, but I hope so. Maybe we have to make our wishes come true our selves, but anyway. I think is a nice thought 🙂 Anna

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Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

Great blog tips from OM! I know I said I was “done” writing blogging articles. I wrote this because reading some posts on “blogging” is incredibly painful for me. -OM This is the third most asked question in blogging. It is also the most tricky to answer because there are so many factors, such as… Continue reading Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

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What do you see?

   A pastel painting on orange paper. What do you see in this picture? Anna

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Beauty / Despite

Sometimes creativity reach perfect-ness and this is one of those moments, I think. Beautiful post!