No 34 drawing in my goals for 2018

We’re still in a spaceship lost in space. One man worship the female pilot. Here nails glows like lamps he says in the poem I’m getting inspiration from to this drawing.

It’s a bad photo of the drawing, but I hope you can se something anyway.



19:40 in April

Lights coming back. That means Spring.

How does it look like over at your place in the evening? Is it light or dark?


16:30 March 15 2018

Light’s coming back up here in cold Sweden. It was -8C this morning. In the afternoon it was a bit warmer thanks to sun. Then it was only -2C.

Maybe Spring will come this year too.


Something dark about the Fall

Fall in Sweden means dark mornings

It’s difficult to believe it’s time to get up when it looks like night outside.

In Summer the light is almost there all the time. Then you don’t know when to go to sleep. Now you don’t know when to wake up.

I like the season changes, but the light gone so many hours a day in Fall and winter, well that’s take time to adjust to.

Have a great day!


No 20 drawing in my goals for 2017

Consumed joy and memories echoes in space from long gone valleys and waves on the planet they left for it was no longer possible to live there. Mankind destroyed the planet and evacuated the citizens by putting them on spaceships heading for other planets to live on. But one ship lost track and can no longer find a way back.

They live in the ship with memories from the time before the catastrophe. In space bad rumors constantly flows and the goodness is a light always there, but not noticed by everyone. 

I do my drawing with inspiration from a Swedish space epos. The further I get in the project the more I can tell you about it.

It’s a little over hundred drawings to make, so I have some more drawings to do 😉


Spring flowers

And here I was supposed to give you more flower pictures but my ipad or if it’s a wp thing again won’t let me upload more pictures at the moment. Maybe bad connection can be the answer too. 

Anyway. Have a great Sunday or whatever day you read this 🙂

Sun is shining, the grass is green… But it’s not December 24, hehe. Do you know what song I’m referring to?

Spring time in Sweden is absolutely beautiful. Many flowers, lots of birds everywhere and the light’s coming back. We have bright evenings again. It’s heaven compared to midwinter when it gets dark at two o’clock and daylight don’t come until ten o’clock in the morning.


Homage to Hopper

At the painting session in with my friends in our painters group Pink Bucket we got a classic paintings challenge from one of the members in the group, Johan Hoflund.

He had made post it notes with three words on every note. Then we picked one out of them. I picked the one with the words “open surfaces, lonliness, bar”.

That note described a classic painting and I was supposed to interpret that painting. That was a great challenge and I loved every minute of the work.

To interpret a classical painting by one of the great master artist in arthistory is amazing. You get so near the painting, watch every line, every detail and you very soon realize that it’s a masterpiece. You can’t add something to it and you can’t erase something. The original painting is perfect. But you can learn a lot to do “covers” of famous paintings and you have the pleasure to feel the power in the painting.

It’s no use copying the picture, you have to do your own amateur version, you can never do as good as the original. But that goes the other way around too. A master artist can never copy a amateur painting either and get the same result.

If you don’t know what you should paint or draw, find a classic painting an do something from that picture.

Art is amazing and timeless. Want to see which painting I’m talking (writing) about and how I managed to solve the challenge?

Here it is. What do you think?


Homage to Edward Hopper Nighthawks 1942

I think the original painting is awesome 🙂


Trees in the morning sun

The sun is back some mornings and it’s so nice after a dark winter 🙂


Advent 4

Advent 4 means four lighted candles and the last Sunday before Christmas.

God Jul is Merry Christmas in Swedish.

We got a home made Christmas gift this weekend. Meet Mr Bertil made of fir-tree branches. He’s a lovely Christmas fellow.

My Christmas candy making. It turned out well but not perfect. I try every year but I’m not at perfect result yet, so I do another try next year. They taste good, and that’s all that matters. They will all disappear soon 😉

Have a happy advent 4!


Spooky painting?

This painting is done by one of our greatest artist ever. No one has lived that long, except this artist. 

This artist spend all day long in the greatest studio ever. Constantly creating beautiful art. Exhibitions all over the world and everyone’s invited too see the efforts.

None of the pieces are really for sale, but everyone can see them constantly in new shapes every day. We just need to open our eyes.

The artist uses everything and everybody in the work of the every day art. We’re all a part of the pieces the artist make.

Do you know who I’m talking about?


Sun up and down

Since 1963 we have a very popular little film about the sun up and down times on tv.

It’s a simple but cute cartoon showing sunrise and sunset.

This example of the film must be from the month of June. 

It’s early sunrise and late bedtime for the sun. 

I just love it. I have watched the film since I was a kid in the 1970’s and I never get tired of it.

It’s a Spring sign when tv starts showing the film once a week, I think. I seldom watch tv weather these days.

When we pass winter solstice it’s time for the sun movie!

Every week the sun gets up earlier and get to bed later.


I see light!

Trosa roofs an evening in March

It’s almost hard to believe, but I see light!

We are getting longer days now and that feels great. Still in six o clock in the evening it is almost daylight outside or at least not dark.

And when it is time to go to work it is also daylight out there. Spring is on its way!

Many of you share the thought of the day. I really like reading about such thoughts, so keep writing them.

My thought of the day is:

Why do people bother to be mean to each other
when it’s so much easier being nice and friendly?

It take so much more energy to be mean to people
than to be nice (and I dont talk about incurable idiots here)

I discover everyday how much I get in return by just being nice to people I talk to. The talks is much easier, the ideas flowing, the atmosphere is light and everybody seems to be giving more than taking.

I dont think mean persons feeling good ever, even if they look like that when being mean to someone.
The pain they carry inside will eat them up and take them further away from truly feeling good.
They will never experience the feeling of sharing by being truly nice. Thats sad in a way.

Being nice and get niceness in return is good for your soul and your creativity. Try that and you will see how easy it is when you learn it is easy.

Why do I write that last sentence to you, my wp friends?

You are all very nice, so you already know all this!

Have a great day 😉


Yeah it’s beautiful but…

 … I don’t want more snow!!!!!!!!!

Thursday morning around five o clock, have a good day ya all 🙂



Trosa at dawn in December

This is what my little town Trosa looks like in my neighborhood at dawn in December.

I wish I could have shown you a picture of Aurora Borealis this evening. They say the northern light can be seen even in the middle and south of Sweden. I haven’t seen any light so far. I wish to se our nothern light some time. But I live in the middle of Sweden and northern light doesn’t show up often here.


19 december

Read English version in the comments by clicking “view original postbelow Swedish text. Happy reading/Anna

Du finns - en decembersaga i kalenderform

När jag vaknar går jag in till mamma och pappas sovrum. Sängen står tom. Tänk om både mamma och pappa har försvunnit. Jag hittar lappar i köket. En från mamma och en från pappa.
Mamma skriver att hon gått till Albertina för att sticka. Hon tipsar också om att det ligger frukost i kylskåpet till mig och nya mackor till Roffe.

På pappas lapp läser jag “tack för mackorna”. Förmodligen har han passat på att hämta dem under natten. Han kanske fortfarande letar efter Lucia.

Jag äter mammas kylskåpsfrukost och springer sedan till skolan.

I skolan sitter en flicka bredvid min plats. Jag känner inte igen henne. Idag står vår vanliga fröken längst fram i klassrummet. I går stod Helena där. Inte lätt att hålla reda på deras byten.

Jag sätter mig ner bredvid flickan, som viskar till mig
– Hej Robert!
Då ser jag att jag sitter bredvid Lucia…

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