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They’re still running

TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard 2017 is still going This was a bit after 10 pm April 29 Can you see the whiteblue lights? That's the runners headlight. And here they come at you can read this in swedish What is a Backyard Ultra? This is a different type of ultramarathon, where neither time nor… Continue reading They’re still running

Pastel paintings

Advent 3

I hope you all have a pleasant third advent. Here's rain and that white stuff coming down now and then. Not so cold yet. Maybe we get a rainy Christmas this year. Anna

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Christmas market – Trosa Julmarknad

Early morning before opening I always go before the crowd comes and there's no way to getting forward. My favorite place on the market. I go here every year. It was a good first Sunday in advent this year. Windy, but nice indoors. Anna